2023 November Online Showcase & Community Meeting




OpenMRS Community Meetings are periodic online gatherings that aim to provide transparency and insight into ongoing projects happening in the community and in the OpenMRS ecosystem. Over the course of three days, this November's meeting is packed with squad and implementer presentations, lightning talks, plenary sessions and break out sessions. 

Community members, implementers and partners are welcome to join and actively participate in the meeting through lightning talks and presentations.


  • Discover how countries and implementations use OpenMRS at different types of health facilities to support a variety of health services and programs.
  • Share and appreciate improvements made to OpenMRS.
  • Learn about improvements to current community development conventions and processes.
  • Gain insight into coordinating and collaborating with others in the community.
  • Appreciate the OpenMRS talent and partners contributing to the whole wide world of OpenMRS.


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Upon successful registration you will automatically receive a personalized Zoom link, shared on email. There is also a link provided which you can use to add the event to your calendar.


Lightning Talks

Share your ideas and experience! Demo what you've been working on! The only caveat? A 5-minute time limit.  Sign up below to book a slot:

Implementers Showcase

Find out what OpenMRS implementers are working on this year! Each implementer will have 10 minutes. Sign up below: 

Squad Showcases

Squads get to share what they have achieved since the last meeting.

Each squad and team will have 10 minutes strictly. In preparation for this, each squad is encouraged to provide a short overview of who they are, the problem they're trying to solve, why it's important to address this problem, their proposed solution, and a quick update on the progress made or plans for the year.

Below is a link where squad and team leads can add their presentation.


Topics and themes include:

  1. Shared technical approaches (packaging, reporting, form schema)
  2. Upstream contributions to OpenMRS.
  3. Showcases on Care, Configuration, Communication.
  4. Implementation Experiences & Showcases.

Note: Our meeting schedule is dynamic. Actual times for showcases may vary, depending on availability of presenters.

Missed the meeting? Click on the hyperlinks below to see a session, showcase, or lightning talk or click here watch our You Tube playlist.



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