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Potential project ideas for Next Year

This is a dynamic list of available projects for GSoC, with community members adding projects as they come up on Talk. If you have a new project idea that you'd like to explore, please share via this Talk thread and add it here.

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O3: User Onboarding


175 hours

Implement User Onboarding in the Test 3 and O3 demo environments, like these designs show. Introduce users to major features in a typical generic outpatient workflow. 


Dennis Kigen 

Next Generation Implementer Tools for OpenMRS 3

Redesigned config tools for O3


350 hours

Non-tech users can set up a 3.x EMR in a friendly, no-code UI, similar to designing a website. Empowers local team members to set up and config their EMR themselves. More detailed user stories and requirements documented here. Project plan documented here.

Scope: technical work on the redesigned config tools for O3.

*Design is done because Ampath/@jdick graciously contributed designs and user testing, sample designs, and @bistenes gave a lot of architectural and technical input but then had to set the project aside.




Vineet Sharma Hadijah Kyampeire 
Validating and re-working (updating) the OpenMRS PatientFlags module 


175 hours

Patient Flags feature cannot be added to RefApp 3.x just because the supporting OpenMRS PatientFlags module has a number of loop-holes.  
This is blocking the progress of the ANC prototype the initial milestone was displaying Patient Flags to the Frontend.




O3: Search Patient Chart feature 


350 hours

E.g. search all of a particular patient chart for an item of interest, e.g. "IUD" or "COVID", to find if that term/situation has ever come up for this patient. We can likely leverage this past work: Will need an API.

Program Timeline

Look at here for more info on the full GSoC 2024 program timeline.

  • UP FRONT GSoC 2024 preparations
  • PENDING January 23: Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google

  • PENDING February 7: Mentoring organization application deadline

  • PENDING February 22: List of accepted mentoring organizations announced

  • PENDING February 22 - March 19: Potential GSoC contributors discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations

  • PENDING March 20:  GSoC contributor application period begins

  • PENDING April 4: GSoC contributor application deadline

  • PENDING April 27: GSoC contributor proposal rankings due from Org Admins

  • PENDING May 4: Accepted GSoC contributor projects announced
  • PENDING May 4 - 28: Community Bonding Period. Students get to know mentors, read documentation, prepare for work on their projects

  • PENDING May 29:  Coding officially begins

  • PENDING May 29 - August 21: Coding Period for Medium project

  • PENDING May 29 - November 6: Coding Period for Advanced project

  • PENDING July  10: Mentors and GSoC contributors can begin submitting midterm evaluations

  • PENDING July 14: Midterm evaluation deadline (standard coding period)

  • PENDING July 14 - August 21: Work Period | GSoC contributors work on their project with guidance from Mentors

  • PENDING August 21 - 28: Final week | GSoC contributors submit their final work product and their final mentor evaluation (coding period)

  • PENDING August 28 - September 4: Mentors submit final GSoC contributor evaluations (standard coding period) for medium size project.

  • PENDING September 5: Initial results of Google Summer of Code 2023 announced

  • PENDING September 4 - November 6: GSoC contributors with extended timelines continue coding

  • PENDING  November 6: Final date for all GSoC contributors to submit their final work product and final evaluation

  • PENDING  November 13: Final date for mentors to submit evaluations for GSoC contributor projects with extended deadlines


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