GSoC - Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Template

You are welcome to use this template for your Application and Proposal: Google Doc

Reminder: You will submit your application through Google’s website. See Google's GSOC Get Started page here:

Check out the recording of our session on proposal writing for some extra tips!

Proposal Requirements

  1. OpenMRS Mandatory Questions - Answers [Mandatory]

  2. Project idea discussions and plans [Mandatory]

  3. Demo / Sample implementation

  4. Timeline for your development plans [Mandatory]

  5. Future enhancements/ideas

OpenMRS Mandatory Questions

You should have communicated in advance with the potential mentors listed above to prepare one or more project proposals. This proposal must describe in detail how you would plan to approach the project and must include goals and a draft timeline. In addition to the project proposal, you need to respond to the following questions:

  1. Who are you? What are you studying?

  2. Why are you the right person for this project?

  3. Describe in detail your software development experience with various technologies. Include all technologies you have used for development projects.

  4. List any previous experience working with open source projects other than OpenMRS. (This experience is not a requirement.)

  5. Provide links to any projects created by you, or other source code examples.

  6. Please provide the URL to your OpenMRS Talk profile page.

  7. You must have made at least two coding contributions to OpenMRS BEFORE submitting your proposal. We recommend achieving the /dev/1 stage as you become familiar with OpenMRS. Please include in your proposal all relevant issue numbers, pull requests, commit links, etc as a table. for these contributions. If you don't include this information, your proposal will not be reviewed. It's not necessary for your pull requests to be merged; we just want to see that you've made some effort to learn the basics of OpenMRS development.

    1.  Sample Table

  8. You must have made at least three pull request reviews BEFORE submitting your proposal. If you don't include this information, your proposal will not be reviewed.

    1.  Reviewed Pull Request Details

  9. Describe your interactions with our community so far. Include dates of developer forums you have attended and include any IRC nicknames used when visiting our channel previously.

  10. What is your preferred method of contact and how should we reach you with it? (phone, email, IRC, IM, etc.)

  11. Do you have any other commitments during the program? (Include any and all holidays, vacations, travel, exams, classes, research projects, other work, job offers, etc.)

  12. Have you participated in the Google Summer of Code before? If yes, please mention the year, the respected Organization, and your final result(Pass/Fail). - It will not affect your current application, we just wanted to make sure your attempts.

  13. Are you planning to mentor for a Google Summer of Code project this year(2023) in any other organizations? If yes, please mention the respected organization name. You can’t be a student and mentor in the same year.

  14. Are you planning to apply to multiple organizations this year? If yes, then which organization is your first preference if you get selected for both organizations(No need to be OpenMRS-Just mention your better selection)?

P.S: All personal information which is required in the above questions will be kept inside the OpenMRS and only used for the relevant matters. So you should be aware that you are providing some personal information to reach or represent you while applying here.

Project proposals from Past GSoC Contributors

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these project proposals submitted by contributors who recently participated in GSoC with OpenMRS:

  1. GSOC 2022: Form Builder UI for the OpenMRS

  2. GSoC 2022: Redo Legacy UI Cohort Builder

  3. GSoC 2022: OCL Subscription Module for OpenMRS3

Feel free to take a look to get some ideas!