Release Notes 2.3

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Introducing Reference Application 2.3

Taking up from Release 2.2, we are here to introduce 2.3 to the community through a scheduled release by September 2015. Reference Application 2.3 includes a release of the platform version 1.11.4 and the initial version of Admin UI 1.0.

As a part of the release process, Wyclif Luyima and Maurya Kummammuru were really approachable for any release tips. Additionally, Wyclif was real quick in getting the modules released and ready for the release.

I would like to specifically thank Mark Goodrich, Darius JazayeriRafal Korytkowski, Burke Mamlin, Michael Downey, Daniel Kayiwa, Jaime Thomas, Nicholas Ingosi, Lluis Martines, Cintia Del Rio, Michael Seaton for leading the technical issues required to be completed for the 2.3 release.


Feature highlights from Reference Application 2.3:

  • 38 modules
  • OpenMRS platform 1.11.4 (Maintenance release by Daniel Kayiwa)
  • Admin UI module (Lead by Wyclif Luyima) 
  • Chart Search module (Maintenance release by Kaweesi Joseph)
  • Several bug fixes
  • Support for MariaDB
  • and various other modules worth mentioning as below.



Complete list of code contributors to Reference Application 2.3 (apologies if anyone's name has been missed):

Abhishek91, A Chethan, Alexei Grigoriev, Bharat K, Burke Mamlin, Cintia Del Rio, Clifton McIntosh, Cosmin Ioan, Darius Jazayeri, Daniel Kayiwa, Deluan Quintão, Gaurav Narula, Goeffrey W Wasilwa, Hemanth Gowda, Hanswurst, Imran Tatriev, Indraneelr, Izaron/Evgeny, , James degraft-Johnson, Judy Gichoya, Jakub Kondrat, Kaweesi Joseph, Kristopher Schmidt, LavaSnake, Lluis Josep Martinez Ferrando, Mario Somrei, Mark Goodrich, Michael Hofer, Michael Seaton, Miguel Corrales Mhawila, Mekom Solutions, Namrata Nehete,  Nicholas Ingosi Magaja,  Nicholas Folk, Ojwanganto,  Padma,  Patrick Lehmann, Paweł Muchowski, Preethi Sadagopan, Rafal Korytkowski, R Sudhakar, Ranganathan Balashanmugam, Romain Buisson, SwathiVarkala, Shruthidipali, Stefan Neuhaus, Sravanthi 17, Sam Dale, Sebastian Theis, Saptarshi Purkayastha, Tim Steen, Tomaszmueller, Ujjwal Arora, Vinkesh, Vinayvenu, Vikash Gupta2000, Willa Ahmed, Wesley Brown, Wyclif Luyima, Yousef Hamza,  Xiang Li, YS-Achinta

Modules included in the release:

S.NoModuleVersion in Reference Application 2.3Version in Reference Application 2.2Notes/Issue(s)
1Admin UI1.0Not Included 
2Allergy API1.31.3Same
3Allergy UI1.21.1.2Included in RA
4App Framework2.42.3Included in RA
5App UI1.41.3Included in RA
6Appointment Scheduling Module1.41.3See in JIRA 
7Appointment Scheduling UI Module1. in JIRA 
10Chart Search Module1.4.11.2See in JIRA
11Core Apps1.71.6Included in RA
12Data Exchange1.
13EMR API1.11.11.6See in JIRA
15Form Entry App1.21.1Included in RA
16HTML Form Entry2.62.5See in JIRA
17HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS in HTML Form Entry
18HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration1.31.2Included in HTML Form Entry
19HTML Widgets1. in JIRA
20ID Generation4.03.2See in JIRA
21Metadata Deploy1.5.01.4See in JIRA
22Metadata Mapping1.
23Metadata Sharing1.
24Name Phonetics1.51.4See in JIRA
25Provider Management2.32.2Included in RA
26Reference Application (RA)2.3 (To release 2.3.1 after
Reference Metadata)
2.2See in JIRA
27Reference Demo Data (optional)
28Reference Metadata2.3.12.3Same
29Registration App1.31.2Included in RA
30Registration Core1.21.1.2Included in RA
31Reporting0. in JIRA
32Reporting REST1.51.4Included in RA
33Rest Web Services2.122.11.dae2e2See in JIRA
34Serialization Xstream0. in JIRA
35UI Commons1.71.6See in JIRA
36UI Library2.
37UI Framework3.43.3.1Included in RA
38UI Test Framework1.61.5.1 


The closed issues in Reference Application Modules  - JIRA issues accepted
Download OpenMRS 2.3 here: 
You can take a look at the implementer documentation here.