2015-08-27 Developers Forum

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  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • Topic Fest
  • Infrastructure Update
  • Review next meeting agenda



OpenMRS Developers Forum 2015-08-27
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Michael Downey
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Wyclif Luyima
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Ada Yeung
  • Rafal Korytkowski
  • Macorrales
  • Serghei Luchianov
Agenda & Notes
Topic Fest
  • Ideas:
  • Platform 2.0 planning (multiple calls? lots to cover)
  • Reviewing key modules & Preparing Module Authors for Platform 2.0
  • Removing deprecated methods and features
  • Upgrade path & backwards compatibility (how do we bring everyone along?)
  • Staples
  • Release planning
September 3
  • Project Buendia round 2 kickoff (MSF + Google)
September 10
  • RefApp 2.4 Planning
  • How can we get metrics on "community-priority" tickets
September 17
  • WIP: AMPATH Update (e.g., POC system)
September 24
  • Overview of what OMRS supports and not to support
  • Help clarify & better communicate what will be supported
  • RefApp 2.4 review / last minute issues
October 1
  • WIP: Bahmni Update
October 8
  • Platform 2.0 Planning
October 15
  • Quarterly Technology Radar
  • Community Supported Module Review
October 22
  • WIP: OCL Update
  • Google Code-in Task Idea Brainstorm
October 29
  • (Or hold for if needed for new topic/s)
November 5
  • WIP: PIH Update
November 12
  • Crazy new technology ideas! Share what's really cool? What if we switched totally to Python, Docker, NoSQL, and NodeJS? :-)
November 19
  • Platform 2.0 Planning / Review / Finalizing
November 26
December 3
  • OMRS15 Planning
  • Code Review: How can we get ten people doing code reviews over the next year? And 20 the following year?
December 10
  • OpenMRS Summit (OMRS15)
December 17
  • Topic Fest
  • Infrastructure Update
  • Year in Review
December 24
  • Holiday
OpenMRS.org Infrastructure Team Updates
  • JIRA upgrade: 
  • Due to a critical security vulnerability in JIRA's Atlassian HipChat add-on (which we don't use & can't disable) we will have to upgrade JIRA in the next few weeks.  
  • Phase-out of Atlassian Crowd: 
  • We are creating a private IP network for our LDAP directory services to connect software like Confluence, JIRA, & Bamboo directly to our OpenMRS ID directory. This will allow us to sunset Crowd which should greatly improve performance on all Atlassian products.
  • OpenMRS ID upgrades:
  • Our summer GSoC project has introduced several performance & workflow improvements in the OpenMRS ID Dashboard. These changes will be deployed in production in the coming weeks.
  • Fastly global CDN: 
  • Fastly.com has donated its services to OpenMRS which will allow us use of its worldwide content delivery network (CDN). This will allow us to cache certain content at locations around the world closer to our customers & contributors. The effect for developers will be faster page loads in our OpenMRS.org webapps and faster dependency downloads via Nexus. See  https://www.fastly.com/network for a list of current and upcoming locations from where we'll be able to serve content.
  • Additional people on the team: 
  • We announced this week that Mayank Sharma has stepped up for the developer tools manager. He will be responsible for JIRA, Nexus, Modulus, as well as assisting with Bamboo. Please continue to report concerns with and ideas for these tools through Helpdesk. We'll be announcing some other new leadership soon over the next few weeks, and those leaders will be kicking off various projects to improve the various components of our infrastructure.  
  • Reminder: 
  • Watch & subscribe to infrastructure updates at http://status.openmrs.org/. You can subscribe to email updates to be notified of issues & maintenance windows.
  • Questions/Comments/Feedback
  • Yay Infrastructure Team! Helping make the OpenMRS Community hum!
  • Would love to have a server running Docker to hold "static" community resources
  • For example:
  • Spot for metrics dashboard
  • Moodle server (currently Burke is hosting on DO)
  • How long should we expect turnaround for requesting a new server (or server assignment)?
  • Historically has usually taken 1-2 weeks
  • (Burke) It might help to ensure specific requests go to the help desk, since it will help infrastructure team track specific changes
After Action Review
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • What can we do better?
Next Week Preview
  • TBD (see topic fest above)


  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)