2015-11-05 Leadership Call

How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  1. feedback from the camp
  2. update on governance document
  3. update on due outs for the five goals--who/ when/ review and expectation

Meeting Minute

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  • Jamie Thomas
  • Paul Biondich
  • Pascal Brandt
  • Bill Lober
  • Chris Seebregts
  • Saptarshi Pukayastha
  • Maurya Kummamuru
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Jan Flowers
  • Terry Cullen
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Jonathan Teich
Apologies: Andy Kanter (conflict), Michael Downey (vaca)
  • feedback from the camp
  • Michael will be sending out a survey about the camp after he returns from vacation
  • Any burning thoughts now? No
  • want to be drive by goals and tasks going forward (listed below), agreed to process, and assigned people to those.
  • update on due outs for the five goals--who/ when/ review and expectation
  • Objective #1 OpenMRS Platform - Burke, Andy, Kaweesi, Darius, Maurya, Jan
  • Burke plans to post to goals and tasks on Talk today 
  • Are we posting on current state or based on future? Feedback was to post based on current state and then with specific resources we would be abe to do this.
  • Need anything from us? Have strawman just need to post today. So not at this time.
  • Objective #2: Reference App Goals and Task Planning http://bit.ly/20xik2G - Jonathan, Burke, Kaweesi, Andy, Jan, Bill, Maurya
  • Objective #3: Distributions Goals and Tasks Planning http://bit.ly/20xisPM - Jan, Darius, Burke, Andy, Pascal
  • Had a call last night and looked at objective and created goals out of that. 
  • Going to ignore resourcing at this time and just focus on what we think should happen then come back to resourcing.
  • Need anything from us? Not right now. Plan to meet twice a week until we get this done.
  • PB - Would you like Paul to reach out to OpenSRP & OpenHMIS since they are thinking about distributions so they can weign in? Between now and Summit it would be good to get outside feedback.
  • Objective #4 - Saptarshi, Maurya, Suranga
  • Saptarshi will write Talk post today and then gather the group
  • GSoC application has gone it and will know something in the next week
  • Group to think about 10 by 10 AMIA course – for education options
  • Set up a time on Friday to meet and anyone is welcome to join.
  • Objective #6: Organizational Development Goals and Tasks Planning http://bit.ly/20xiDKY - Terry, Andy, Suranga
  • Suranga and Terry will meet this afternoon. The other objectives feed into this objective.
  • Partnerships will feed into this objective. 
  • Terry will talk to Hamish at AMIA about operational metrics 
  • Paul wants to take on the responsibility to get this document across the finish line
  • Want to talk specifically around decision making for this group, Management Committee 
  • Community has grown alot and but leadership has not changed with it.
  • Is Management Committee a good name? Community Empowerment?
  • BL - Think there is some external connotations. Worried about mirroring business titles.
  • PB - Do we want to make it a group inside leadership or additional ppl can particpate?
  • Paul will apply the thought of 1. the leadership has a place in which they will convene 2. management committee will be a "sub-group" that are in charge of other tasks - they need to be seperated in the governance doc
  • getting on management group could be a volunteer 
  • need to show roles and responsibilites in management vs. leadership
  • AOB
  • Invitations to the Summit - Terry
  • TODO from Camp
  • are posted on the wiki - ??
  • Have Michael give a presentation or share communication tools
Next weeks topics: (any other suggestions)
  • LG transparency of leadership calls and interactions
  • Relook at mission/vision/ values (updated 2010)