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Introducing OpenMRS 2.2

Several months ago, the OpenMRS developer community decided that we needed a better release process.  We agreed that we would aim to release OpenMRS twice a year, and the platform annually. Our goal was to release OpenMRS 2.3 by September 2015. We missed that goal as there were some critical bugs identified in the User Acceptance Testing due to the shift in the platform version from 1.10 to 1.11. In order to deliver a reliable/bug-free product there was a delay in release. Today, on April 23rd, I'm happy to announce the release of OpenMRS 2.2!

OpenMRS 2.2 includes the latest platform release i.e. 1.11.2 compared to 1.10.0 and new versions of lots of modules.

This release doesn't bring many user-visible new features to the reference application (Except for the Chart Search feature and Appointment Scheduling), but it has allowed us to tackle various issues in each module.  It allows us to illustrate how an OpenMRS reference application release contains hundreds of under-the-hood improvements to modules that implementers and developers can leverage as described in the previous release and gives us an idea of how it might continue in future.

I would like to specifically thank Wyclif Luyima,  Ryan Yates, Darius JazayeriRafal Korytkowski, Burke Mamlin,Michael Downey, Daniel Kayiwa, Jaime ThomasJoseph Kaweesi,   Cintia Del Rio and the Infrastructure Team for making contributions at critical times and who made it possible to release properly.

And as mentioned earlier we had an extensive period and I would like to thank everyone who participated in it and allowed us to release a reliable product. Special thanks to Ada Yeung,Sara Armson, Mike Seaton, Craig A, Matthew Ssemakadde,Tharika and David DeSimone for taking a special interest and testing OpenMRS 2.2 either in the All Hands on Deck Event or individually.

Feature highlights from OpenMRS 2.2:

  • 35 bundled Modules under the hood
  • Built on OpenMRS Platform 1.11.2 (just released a couple days ago)
  • Chart Search module (summer of code work by Joseph Kaweesi)
  • Appointment Scheduling Module
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements(described in detail below)


Thanks to the complete list of code contributors to OpenMRS 2.2(apologies if anyone's name has been missed):

Ada Yeung, Achint Sethi, Ak, Akash Agrawall, akub Kondrat, Alec Pawling, Alberto Saavedra, Alexis Duque, andreapat, Andrew Szell, Angshuman Sarkar, Aniketha Katakam, anotherdave, Anton Kravchenko, Arathy-mac, Areo, Arkadiusz Kolodziejski, atmohsin, Benjamin Wolfe, Bhashitha Wijewardhane,Bhavana Ramasayam, blobbered, Burke Mamlin, Carlos Augusto de, Oliveira, chalakanth, Chaitya Shah, channab, Chelsea H. Komlo, citigodev1, Cintia Del Rio Calvo, Cosmin Ioan, Craig A, Crazzykid, Damian Szafranek, damitha kithmal, Daniel Kayiwa, Darius Jazayeri, David Churcher, David DeSimone, David Elston, Dedunu Dhananjaya, Deepak N,  devcritter, Dominic Lynch, Dominic Surrao, Zhaslan Doschanov, Filip Biedrzycki, Filip Spiridonov, Fouad Zaryouh, Garima Ahuja, Gaurav Narula, Gaurav Paliwal, Gaurav Saini, Geoffrey Wasilwa, Geoffrey W Wasilwa, Gitahi Ng'ang'a, Glauber Ramos,  gto11520, guilhermejccavalcanti, Gurpreet Luthra, h3llborn, Hannah Massey, Harsha Kumara, haychris, hemanths, indraneelr, Isha Tripathi, Jakub Buczyński, Jakub Kondrat, Jan Flowers, James Arbaugh, Jaime Thomas, Janet Riley, Jasper Vandemalle, Jeffrey Kantor, Jeremy Keiper, Jesus Salazar, Kishore Kumar Yekkanti, Kaweesi Joseph, Kiran Reddy, kohousim, Kristopher Schmidt, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, kushal8, lc-daderemi, Lech Rozanski, Lee Breisacher, Lisha Ruan, Lluis Martinez, Lukas Breitwieser, Lukasz Plotnicki, Łukasz Gąsior, Nithya Gubbala, Madawa Soysa, Marek Szukalski, Mark Goodrich, Marv Cool, Marvin Yan, Matthew Ssemakadde, Michael Downey, Michael Pigg, Michael Seaton, Mihir, Miss Beens, Mujir Shaikh,  Mykola Vorobey, mylesbarros, Mário Areias, Nehashri P L, Neissi Torres Lima, Nicholas Ingosi Magaja, Nils Eckelt, Nyoman Ribeka, Oliver Wilkie,Omasz Mueller, Ozge Catalbas, Pamela Canchanya, Paul Biondich,  Paweł Muchowski, Patrick Turley, Priya Chandran, Przemyslaw Gierszewski, Pulkit, pushkar, Radek Puzdrowski, Radoslaw Puzdrowski, Rafał Korytkowski, Rob, Robert Day, Rohan Poddar, rohitmukherjee, Rowan Seymour, Ryan Yates, sachethgupta, Saptarshi Purkayastha, Sara Armson, Sara Fatima, sashrika, SharonVarghese, Shruthi Dipali, Shubham Rai, sitarama,Sri Maurya Kummamuru, suranga, SusanTan, Sushmitha Rao,  tadeitto, tonybeing, Tharika, Tharunya Pati , Ujjwal Arora, Vaibhav Agarwal, Vatsal Singhal, vencik, Vinay Venu, Vinkesh Banka, Wesley Brown, Wesley Spencer See, Willa Ahmed,  Wolf Schlegel, Wyclif Luyima, Yekkanti Kishore Kumar.

-Sri Maurya Kummamuru

Bundled Modules and Closed Issues

ModuleVersion in OpenMRS 2.2Version in OpenMRS 2.1Notes/Issue(s)
Allergy API1.31.0.1Included in RA
Allergy UI1.1.21.0Included in RA
App Framework2.32.2.1See in JIRA
App UI1.31.2.2Included in RA
Appointment Scheduling Module1.3Not IncludedSee in JIRA 
Appointment Scheduling UI Module1.0.2Not IncludedSee in JIRA 
Chart Search Module1.2Not IncludedSee in JIRA
Core Apps1.61.4Included in RA
Data Exchange1.3.11.2Included in RA
EMR API1.61.4See in JIRA
Event2.2.12.1See in JIRA
Form Entry App1.11.0Included in RA
HTML Form Entry2.52.4See in JIRA
HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS in HTML Form Entry
HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration1.21.1Included in HTML Form Entry
HTML Widgets1. in JIRA
ID Generation3.22.9.1See in JIRA
Metadata Deploy1.41.2See in JIRA
Metadata Mapping1. in RA
Metadata Sharing1. in JIRA
Name Phonetics1.41.4Same
OpenMRS UI Framework3. in JIRA
Provider Management2.22.2Same
Reference Application (RA) in JIRA
Reference Demo Data (optional) in RA
Reference Metadata2.32.1.1Included in RA
Registration App1.21.0Included in RA
Registration Core1.1.21.0See in JIRA
Reporting0. in JIRA
Reporting REST1.41.3See in JIRA
Rest Web Services2.11.dae2e22.6.9 d2016See in JIRA
Serialization Xstream0.
UI Commons1.61.3See in JIRA
UI Library2.


The closed issues in Reference Application Modules  -  See in JIRA


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Download OpenMRS 2.2 at and see the implementer documentation.