2016-03-10 Leadership Team Call

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  • AOB
  • OpenMRS and Inc Relationship
  • Review next meeting agenda


  • Terry Cullen
  • Sri Maurya Kummamuru
  • Jan Flowers
  • Michael Downey
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Bill Lober
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Jonathan T
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Lauren Wu
  • Andrew Kanter
  • Paul Biondich
Regrets: Jamie (vaca), Chris (health program launch)
OpenMRS and Inc Relationship - (Darius & Andy - confirmed)
  • Andrew Kanter - Groups to support us financially - would want a member sitting on the "table"/board  Bill:  Yes - I think I said the same thing back in the October meeting - this is a commonly understood structure.  We (as both an org and an inc) should have structures that don't require a great deal of explaination.
  • Andrew Kanter - Have the opportunity to grow the leadership to include such members and they should have full voting rights  
  • Maurya - Is the requirement to have a role, is to make sure their objectives are prioritized by the community
  • DJ - not quite, A funder should have an influential role to make sure the inc gets that task done
  • MD - When donating to a Charity Work - they usually don't have influence on what they can work on
  • Bill:  two issues - (1)  inc as an organization accountable to recieve funds (andy's "other side of a partnership"), vs a public good charity (MD's comment re donate or not donate) and (2) authority - what type and who has it
  • the wrinkle is that (the way I understand it), the public good concept is baked into the inc charter and the tax exempt stucture, while it may conflict with the organizational model needed to be a grant recipient.
  • second issue is "vote on the leadership cmte" - if the Inc takes on an obligation from a funding organization, then we need to know (and be able to explain) how the Inc can be responsible to get things done.  Bill feels that might well need to be simpler than "a vote on the leadership cmte to influence community".  I think it has to be "the Inc materially participates to get things done".
  • either way, we need to be able to tell others how this works w/o a great deal of explaining
  • PB - Having a role is different from having the authority to influence the community objectives
  • AK - Have a new box 
  • PB - Title should not be associated with authority - title should be responsibilities for a particular task. Funders should not "buy" authority.
  • AK - if we agree that we do a task , we should be accountable
  • DJ - Because we agree that the task will be completed, we hire a person who is accountable for that activity.
  • TC - We have 4 levels of Governance - Inc/Board, Advisory Commitee, Leadership Group (and the specific roles in that group), Community
  • Terry refers people to the partnership doc, which has examples of many different types of relationships ( see link below -noted DRAFT) 
  • Bill:   the Inc. is the legal entity, therefore the Inc. will be the ones to receive funds and be accountable for execution of agreement
  • In summary: the Governance documents needs to be more explicit about mentioning that the leadership roles are flexible to be able to accomodate new roles as necessary
  • we need to develop a leadership team charter that is consistent with what was discussed today
  • Terry ( and hopefully Michael!) will develop a draft for review 
  • Chris sends his apologies and asks that you move forward with the conversation in his absence.
Select topics for next weeks call on 3/17
Parking Lot
Diversity in OpenMRS (Terry)
Partnerships (Terry, Jan, Bill, Chris)
Fundraising (Terry)
naming for the reference application (due to proposed changes) (March)
Discuss Proposed OpenMRS Leadership Team (March)
Review Communications Tools
Review mission, vision and values - http://openmrs.org/about/mission/
Revisions to Strategic Goal #2 w/ Hamish  (3/17?)
Revisions to Strategic Goal #1 w/ burke (3/17?)