Platform Release Notes 1.12.0 Beta

Release Date: Sunday March 20th 2016

This version of the OpenMRS Platform is a pre-release and not considered worthy for production use. Its function is to give users an idea of what to expect in the upcoming major release (1.12.0) and help discover any possible obscure new bugs.

What's New in OpenMRS Platform 1.12.0-beta

This beta release contains the following features 

  • Support for OrderSets and OrderGroups
  • Drug name search should accept special characters
  • Retrospective stop of orders
  • Retrospective discontinuation of orders.


We are so thankful to all our contributors towards this release, Here is a list of these wonderful people (smile)

Buddha, Daniel Kayiwa, Michael Seaton, Rafal Korytkowski, SwathiVarkala, Venkata Jaswanth, Wyclif Luyima, bholagabbar, chenjr95, dkayiwa, shruthidipali, wyclif, ys-achina

Community Input

We welcome any user to download OpenMRS 1.12.0 Beta and try it out, give us feedback, and potentially bug reports on this release. We especially ask current users to try this version out on their own database and with their custom modules.

If you are the lead developer of a module, then you should test out your module against this 1.12.0 beta, so if you need to make any changes, you can do so well before the final release.

Even if you don't have time to do any thorough testing, we'd really appreciate it if you can upgrade a copy of your database to the 1.12.0 data model, and report on any errors than may occur in the upgrade script.

If a new bug is found create a new JIRA ticket .

We do not recommend using this in a production environment!


OpenMRS Platform 1.12.0 Beta represents revision: b2a25a20606cabf9a1d363ac40b2017e08ec7911

Download OpenMRS Platform 1.12 Beta

Bundled Modules

There are no bundled modules in the release.

Changes for Module Developers

  • TRUNK-3915: Adding a changeSet that adds uuids where it doesn't exist, before adding not null constraint.
  • TRUNK-4824 Concept name tag validator not to throw duplicate validation error for the tag being validated
  • TRUNK-4810 isDatabaseStringComparisonCaseSensitive must be cached
  • TRUNK-4811 Daemon user must be cached
  • TRUNK-4826 Springloaded does not work on Windows
  • MessageSourceService.getMessage methods that take a MessageSourceResolvable should return the proper default message

Data Model Changes

1 New Issue

Error rendering macro 'jira' : Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

Upcoming End of Release notice

OpenMRS 1.9 will reach end of life when Platform 1.12.0 is released.

As of described in Unsupported Releases (EOL), OpenMRS can only support up to three released versions at a time (the current release and then two versions back). With the release of Platform 1.12.0, support for 1.9 will no longer be provided by the core Development Team for OpenMRS 1.9.x and earlier. This announcement also serves as advance notice that support will end for OpenMRS 1.9.x, concurrent with the release of Platform 2.0.