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  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
    • Road Map Discussion
    • Review Implementer Wishlist Items (from OMRS13)
    • Sprint Updates
  • After-action review & next week's agenda (5 min)

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Developers Forum 2013-12-19
  • Suranga K
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Wyclif 
  • Ryan Yates
  • Chris Power
  • Hannes Venter (Jembi)
  • Rafal K
  • Chris Power
  • Topic Fest
  • How are we managing document based data (e.g. documents / hl7)? How do we manage these via HL7?  How do we store these data (can we put notes & images into the database)? (Suranga)
  • 2013 After Action Review: What did we expect to happen? What actually happened? What can we do better?
Document based data in OpenMRS
**OpenMRS needs a better way to store structured and unstructured documents**
  • Related to how we manage complex obs and HL7 messages
  • A lot of related work already completed by Jembi as part of OpenHIE
Two basic types of data -
1) Simple Notes - Store text notes that links to the patient record in the OpenMRS data model (Discharge summaries, Clinical notes ?)
2) Complex Notes - documents (PDFs, scanned docs) could be stored as a complex note rather than as an observation (a PDF-MIME type) 
Complex obs can store documents in the file system, but not a very strong solution. We also need to support structured documents (CDA)
This leads to the possibility of NoSQL databases.
Jembi has built connectors to NoSQL DB's such as raik and baseX
Use of HEIOS for working with XDS documents
  • Content handler module
Route content of different types to a processor that can store it
  • Unstructured data storage module
The unstructured data storage module is expected to be able to store unstructured data as a Complex Observation or a Complex Note using complex obs handlers, and save data in databases such as raik and baseX https://wiki.ohie.org/display/SUB/Unstructured+Data+Processing+Module
OMRS vision is that text based notes would be stored as a NOTE(under development)
Vision for encounter was :order, observation, notes, form based data (structured data), 
Since CDA are so varied, there can be differnt ways to store them
TODO: Implement OpenMRS notes
TODO: Enhance complex obs/note handlers to support searching
TODO: Implement OpenMRS encounter data (for data that doesn't fit into orders, obs, or notes)
Topic Fest
  • Improvements to the SDK or how to get a developer up and running in minutes?
January 2
  • Road Map discussion
  • Implementer Wishlist items (from OMRS13)
  • Sprint updates
January 9
  • Sonar Update
January 16
  • Release Process
  • Testing /CD
January 23
  • Jembi WIP
January 30
  • Volunteer engagement improvements
  • How do we scale up our community?
  • GSOC - How to get involved, etc
February  6
  • Sprint updates
  • Finding our way to API 2.0 ... any steps we can take?
February 13
  • Documentation
February 20
  • ThoughtWorks Open Source WIP
February 27
  • Infrastructure update
  • Design Process Improvements
March  6
  • Topic Fest
  • Sprint updates
  • ?
March 13
  • PIH WIP: What kinda things is PIH doing (1+ WIPs)
March 20
  • Hackathons that have either happened or we should create/sponsor?
  • ?
March 27
  • Clustering/Scaling up OpenMRS Application




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