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  • Burke
  • Wyclif
  • Wila
  • Ada
  • Simon Peter Muwanga
  • Jonathan Mpango
  • Stephen Musoke Senkomango
  • Michael J. Healy
  • Darius
  • Uganda Implementation (Smusoke, jmpango)
  • Biometrics (smuwanga)
Uganda Implementation
  • History
  • Introduced to OpenMRS in 2005, running 1.6.3 in 20 health facilities in WHO-related project
  • In 2011, the Ministry officially adopted OpenMRS as a health care system. At the time, OpenMRS was used only for HIV care.
  • By 2015, additional versions were introduced, including 1.9, etc.
  • During OMRS15, the decision was made to implement OpenMRS Platform 1.11.6 in hospitals
  • Most sites are doing transcription (providers interact with patient & record data on paper, transcribed into OpenMRS later)
  • Starting a rollout plan
  • Had a training of trainers workshop recently (in May 2016)
  • Implementing partners are responsible for supporting and maintaining implementations
  • Planning upgrade process for >400 sites throughout Uganda (awaiting official notification from the Ministry, which just was released)
  • Targetting having 1000 facilities running OpenMRS throughout Uganda by end of 2017
  • Actively upgrading systems in Kampala
  • Active development Uganda EMR is managed centrally through Makarere University
  • Introduced in MCH (mother child health), laboratory, HIV
  • Discussing implementation of OpenMRS in the national hospital. Goal is POC (point of care).
  • Questions
  • Is Uganda EMR a distribution of OpenMRS – i.e., a specific set of content, modules, etc. ?
  • Yes. Have developed a customized module to give a customized feel to OpenMRS
  • Aijar (means "health")
  • Uganda OpenMRS demo
  • What role does Makarere University serve in terms of development and capacity building/training?
  • 5 developers have been hired to support implementation
  • Provides technical assistance with troubleshooting
  • Have CDC funding to assist with procuring equipment (e.g., solar panels, servers, etc.)
  • Is there any documentation for sharing on lab information system?  How is it integrated to Orders?
  • Using a separate LIS ("LMS") in most locations
  • Link to LIS info website? 
  • Planning on integration with existing LIS
  • Have created forms within OpenMRS to capture lab information directly into OpenMRS
  • What factors have contributed to the decision for national rollout to 1000 facilities?
  • Driven by Uganda eHealth
  • Data quality
  • Reporting to ministry (DHIS2) using DHI2 integration module
  • Making it easier for sites to extract data from the system
  • Has Uganda Team reached out to the KenyaEMR Team about lessons learnt?  For example, some sites in KenyaEMR don't have supports after the rollout and system is not being used.
  • Yes. Have been in conversation with Steven Wanyee and Nicolas Ingosi
  • Have also spoken with folks in Rwanda (Bailly Rurangirwa)
  • Have benefited from OpenMRS Community (e.g., OpenMRS Talk)
  • How are terminologies/metadata managed?
  • All implementations use a distribution managed centrally.
  • This includes central management of concepts and other metadata
  • Plan is to manage concepts centrally and push them out to implementations
  • Sites manage their own users & permissions.
  • What are the pros & cons of working with OpenMRS software and community?
  • Software has steep learning curve
  • Community has been great in providing support
  • Keep finding "gems" along the way that make things easier
  • Local problems need to be solved locally
  • What are the top three things you would change in OpenMRS software or community that would help improve the Uganda rollout?
  • Automation of implementation management (e.g., automatically rolling out forms, metadata, etc.)
  • More overlap with OpenMRS community developers
Biometrics with OpenMRS
  • Discussion deferred due to technical difficulties on Uberconference