2016-07-14 Developers Forum

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  • US telephone number: +1 201.479.2627



  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • SDK 3.0 (raff)
  • Review next meeting agenda



  • Wyclif
  • Darius
  • Pawel
  • Daniel
  • Burke
  • Ada
  • Kayiwa
  • Willa
  • SDK 3.0 (Rafał)
  • SDK 3.0 released yesterday (2016-Jul-13)
  • SDK 3.1 is in progress (feedback, bugs, suggestions welcome!)
  • Plan to improve archetypes
  • Will import SQL by default (to avoid having to run changeset every time)
  • build will build all watched modules
  • clone command will clone a module
  • pull command will update all watched modules to latest from upstream
  • pr to create a pull request
  • release will release to Bintray
  • opt-out of usage statistics
  • Support from Soldevelo
  • mvn openmrs-sdk:help
  • Wizard helps if you don't remember parameters
  • Currently allows creation of Platform module or RefApp module. Plan to add OWA module.
  • Suggestions
  • Make it clear which questions are options vs. required (e.g., module ID vs. module description). Maybe just showing default for optional entries – e.g., even [""] for description – would suffice.
  • Instead of showing all choices in list [1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12], show as range [1-12]
  • Would like to have SQL pre-loaded in standalone as well (to avoid having to run liquibase changesets)
  • Support docker
  • docker run -d -p 3306:3306 --net host --name mysql mysql/mysql-server
  • Support for extending REST web services!!! Lower the barrier to extending REST.
  • Pair with some experienced developers when they are doing a "typical" tasks.
  • Probably better to just watch and then come back and repeat with SDK if there are places it could help (rather than trying to force the SDK before witnessing "natural" behaviors)
  • Capture OpenMRS ID during initial run (or allow user to configure it so it can be used)
  • Questions
  • Upgrade process?
  • Can force with "-U" parameter
  • To what extent is SDK hardwired to MySQL?
  • It uses a driver, so drivers can be added



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)