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  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • How to help onboard volunteer developers
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2016-09-01 Developers Forum 
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Willa Mhawila
  • Ada Yeung
  • Srimaurya Kummamuru
How to help volunteer developers with their contributions & make them more effective? w/ Daniel Kayiwa
  • Onboarding, Bottlenecks & challenges (code review/PRs, startup time, module version hell, documentation, ...)
"Attracting new talent boosts an open source community. So, this is a key issue for the community." -Daniel
Burkes thoughts
issues someone new in the community :
  • people reaching out to get dev environment set up and where can we help
  • Challenges with setting up dev environment (Takes too much time to get the dev environment ready?)
  • How much is SDK helping
  • Encouraging new developers to use SDK?
  • Monitor SDK usage and usefulness.
  • How can openmrs community be more effective in accepting people?
  • Converting volunteers to contributors? (What does this mean?)
  • documentation need updated
  • developers guide
  • wiki
  • Embedding the doc in the application itself? (Like a README file?)
  • Especially a simple tutorial
  • as community have worked our way into having a shared platform but module development is happening in implementations so the ref app UI is not consistent and it creates a struggle for new volunteers
  • Different paths of development can be a challenge to new people
  • OWA
  • Javascript apps with REST API
  • Reference Application
  • There should be a way to direct new developers on the best approach to take depending on what they are contributing on. (This can help reduce the bar to get someone production in a short time)
Think it would be beneficial to create short informative videos to help new members get started
  • need to think about what it the process for keeping them up to date?
  • keep them short (ie. a few minutes)
Believe without good documentation then the videos will not be as effective
Find ways to provide training
  • Interact with volunteer to know what they are interested in and if their module aligns with volunteer's interest 
  • Ask module authors to spend some time mentoring volunteers on their module
Continuously evaluate where developers get into trouble
  • We would benefit from being able to recognize the most common problems
  • Examples
  • People often have trouble finding the runtime properties file
  • Log the location of runtime properties.
  • TODO: create a mechanism to expose this in the app (e.g., in settings)
  • Where to install modules
  • MySQL version issues (e.g., problem with 5.7)
  • e.g., better document support versions of supporting software (tomcat, mysql, etc.)
verisoning and packaging of our applications needs refined
  • there are dependencies that need to be managed and do not think it needs to be so complicated
  • would like to "un-numb" developers - want them to look for items they do everyday that take maybe 5 min but would take much longer for new people so we can find solutions to these issues
Is it realistic to have someone watch JIRA tickets?



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)