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  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • Banda Health Update..was OpenHMIS, OMRS16 Hackathon
  • Review next meeting agenda


  • Wes
  • Tim
  • Daniel
  • Wyclif
  • Taremwa
  • (Darius, for the last 15 minutes)
Banda Health Update..was OpenHMIS
OMRS16 Hackathon
Banda Health
  • Name changed from OpenHMIS, but same people and same goals
  • Multiple sites. Primary sites in Kenya.
  • Planning on using OpenMRS as an EMR more & more
  • Expanding to billing and order entry
  • Want to create a work list
  • Queues for handling orders by lab, pharmacy, etc.
  • Ported visit types and visit attributes to 2.x UI
  • Updated billing & cashier modules to 2.x UI
  • Working on two new modules
  • Visit Tasks
  • Tasks associated with a visit
  • Simple task creation
  • Can create personal or global task templates to quickly add common tasks
  • Patient List
  • Flexible patient list page that allows you to set some parameters and see a list of patients
  • Can sort by patient & visit properties
  • View can be customized via templates – e.g., make information easier to use based on workflow
  • Inventory module using 2.x
  • Feedback welcome
  • OpenMRS is "too clicky" (users want more information with less clicks)
  • Improve/create ordering UI
  • Prescription writer
  • Interested in finding ways to get OpenMRS pre-configured more easily
  • Burke: This aligns with community goals for vertical packaging and distributions
  • Would like to create a mobile first interface
  • Burke: Jeremy Keiper wanted to try out installing OpenMRS on this several years ago.
  • Banda Health would like to configure OpenMRS on a BRCK such that someone could set up OpenMRS as easy as setting up a HipChat instance (answer a few questions and get started)
  • Are enhancements for Banda making it into OpenMRS Platform or RefApp?
  • Like the platform. Building atop it.
  • Open to sharing our modules and would be happy to collaborate
  • Does Banda have a demo site?
  • What's the best way to give feedback on modules?
  • OpenMRS Talk, pinging ibewes on Talk would be fine
  • Could you show modules (e.g., Visit Task) as lightning talk at OMRS16?
  • Not going to make it.
  • Burke: I'll get you (Wes) in touch with folks planning the conference to see if there's any chance to get someone there. There's so many opportunities and we'll be so close, it'd be a shame to miss you. :-)
  • Could patient list module be incorporated into a global patient search?
  • Interested. Will wait until we have a 1.0, then may look into it.
  • Do you know about ThoughtWorks efforts on drug order metadata enhancements (to faciliate prescription writing)?
  • Bahmni includes prescription writing and there's some effort to improve the user interface
  • Would Android or iOS clients be useful for your mobile goals?
  • Plan to look at these
  • How big are the hospitals?
  • 100-200 beds
  • ~300-400 outpatient visits daily



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)