2017-02-27 Project Management Meeting



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Last weeks action items 2017-02-13 Project Management Meeting
PM VolunteerJamie Thomas


Last Weeks Action Items 2017-02-06 Project Management Meeting 
Platform 2.0.3 and Platform 2.0.4Burke MamlinReleased on Feb 6
Platform 2.1.0Darius Jazayeri

Bahmni wants to release this in March.

Discussion question: do we continue to support 1.11.x after this release? (Continue discussion on the Talk thread)

OpenMRS Reference Application 2.6Stephen Senkomago Musoke

Release Manager identified. (Now what?)

7 roadmap features, 4 are in progress (sprint happening now on clinician-facing dashboard widgets).

No progress yet on pre-built reports.

Replace Module RepositoryDarius JazayeriLatest status update: https://talk.openmrs.org/t/replacing-modulus-project-status-updates/9789/10
GSOCProgram Administrator

We are selected as an org this year! Keep an eye out for incoming applicants and interested students and help them out.

No leads are on the call, need to follow up with them.

AndelaDaniel Kayiwa

Onboarded another pair of devs. (Now there are 4 devs.)

Starting second sprint (first was getting used to the processes, layout out UI with static data). Now, make REST calls.

Haven't had a demo yet. Scheduling is tricky. Daniel waiting for Andela team to share available times.

(Getting this demo/showcase scheduled should be highest priority on the Andela project.)

Quarterly Scrum of ScrumsDarius JazayeriDarius and Jan still planning the communication about this. (If no progress by next week, then worry!)
Work Time: Project Wiki Clean Up 

Project Home Page

We cleaned up everything that was listed under Active Projects that started with the letter A.

Lots of cleanup still to be done!

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