2017-05-15 Design Forum

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  • Attendees
    • Jonathan
    • Darius
    • Burke
    • Wyclif
    • Brainstorming a decision support project
    Project Backlog
    === Clinical Decision Support project ===
    Original phrasing:
    • Clinical Decision Support - some small part of this  (schedule/event trigger; POC and execute on the data)- evaluate OpenCDS for potential integration into OpenMRS
    • LOE: ?
    • Customers: ?
    Possible targets / "types" of CDS
    A. Implementing CarePlan / PlanDefinition -- e.g., flowsheet-driven, timed care -- immunization, prenatal care, well-baby care, TB, HIV, many others
    • Create timed plan, (different events and required checkpoints, time- or data-driven)
    • have a good visualization of it,
    • enter/transfer data into the template
    • alert/notify when events are coming up or have been missed
    B. Implement alerts - drug check, care or health maintenance reminder (which could also be part of the above), compliance reminder
    • General alerts/reminders for patient (things that need to be done)
    A (care plan) seems more plausible than B (alerting), since drug order entry UI isn't widely developed/used/shared throughout the community.
    • Project (target) selection criteria: something people want clinically; relatively simple and achievable; demonstrates several of the technology framework (the bullet points above)
    • Initial discussions could include: defining care plans (guided by FHIR's model), defining in the context of the target, defining core information elements and actions that are known from other examples, discussing what pieces are best MVP for the global setting
    Most important: find a specific implementation that really cares about this, and will be guinea pigs. (Not having those people on the call now...let's design!)
    • Define expected care plan definition
    • new OpenMRS module called "careplan"?
    • Define events, time criteria for them
    • (Daemon in background will be looking for missed events)
    • Guided by PlanDefinition in FHIR
    • Mechanics of applying that plan to a patient (maybe that's a row in a CarePlan similar to FHIR's definition)
    • Evaluate care plan expectations in the context of one patient's data
    • evaluation engine
    • Save alerts/reminders
    • Has a needed event happened in time? (Reminder)
    • Is a piece of data out of bounds? (Alert)
    If SolDevelo is committing dev resources to this, we could have a broader meeting among stakeholders/implementers regarding what is the desiderata for OpenMRS care plans  (Jonathan offered to facilitate)




  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)