2017-08-21 Project Management Meeting



Discussion items

Last weeks action items 2017-08-14 Project Management Meeting
Internships (GSoC)Harsha Kumara & Kaweesi Joseph
  • August 21st is the final week
  • Next week mentors will give final evaluations
  • one final demonstration or three for the different evolutions? Mid-term is the most important demos
  • ideally want to point people to the wiki page that describes features of projects
  • would prefer one summarized blog post over a Talk post on GSoC 2017
  • Talk tag to use (gsoc-final)
  • would like to have a Google On Air viewing party
  • have students clean up documentation that may have a video
  • Need to figure out costs for those to travel for GSoC (i.e. Avjit G)
Bintrayraff & Darius Jazayeri
  • Darius still following up with Rafal on timeline and what he needs, if anything, from him
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • first group finishing up sprint without user interface design
  • next first group will work on OWA
  • second group finished sprint and did a demo today
  • Daniel will look into whether OWA Management can fit into module management or if it is too messy right now
PlatformBurke Mamlin
  • follow up design call for EMR API - want to further discuss Encounter Transaction API
Reference ApplicationStephen Senkomago Musoke 
Update on new community/volunteer mentoringDaniel Kayiwa
  • next steps?
  • JetStream update
Scrum of Scrum CrosswalkTheresa Cullen 
Today's design forum Incorporating idgen module into the Platform


Action items