2017-09-11 Project Management Meeting



Discussion items

Last weeks action items 2017-08-28 Project Management Meeting
Internships (GSoC)Harsha Kumara & Kaweesi Joseph
Bintrayraff & Darius Jazayeri
  • describing integration and instructor for developers to upload Bintray - still making some updates to this documentation
  • Rafal planning to finish up integration this week
  • Cynthia fixed some CI builds that were failing using old maven repo

raff &  Darius Jazayeri 

AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • have three groups of devs
  • first group has 3 weeks left and working on Add On Manager - manage open web apps demo end of this week
  • second group started new sprint managing observations and encounters
  • third group joined last week started on IDGEN module
  • Daniel has been determining priorities from items on this call and private messages with people from this call
  • Darius, Daniel and Jan to talk with Andela this week
PlatformBurke Mamlin
  • Not committing on Ref App running on new version of Platform since there is no dependency
  • Need to get working on the Platform release
  • Do we need explicit developer time to work on the Platform to move it forward faster? Yes we need someone focused on this.
  • Burke to post on Talk around work
Reference ApplicationStephen Senkomago Musoke
  • Stephen will be working with Daniel to rally support for UI this week

  • Update from 8/28
    • only two of the 4 large features are in flight the rest have not moved. 
    • Plan is to spend the next 2 weeks rallying up some support to get the work done, or drop the features
    • Target Release Date: October 2017 

      Large Features 
      1. Improved Reporting Support - discussions started https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RES/2017-07-24+Design+Forum but no major progress 
      * Allow people to build reports without having to program (less confusing access to reporting)
      * New Cohort builder 
      * Refactor Configuration to be externalized (e.g. using Initializer module)
      2. Use newer version of Platform - in progress from https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RES/2017-08-07+Design+Forum
      3. OCL Subscription Module
      4. UI Improvements/Refactoring
      5. UI Bootstrap support for pages, widgets and OWAs - Stephen to draft a concept for approach to implementing this (currently 4 weeks late) 
      * Responsive layout for multiple screen sizes
      6. Condition Lists
      Small Features
      1. App Framework fixes to ease the process of creating and managing widgets - Stephen had a discussion with Darius, to think about end-state leveraging Bahmni & work currently being done by PIH like here https://talk.openmrs.org/t/progam-specific-dashboards-documentation/12960
      2. Viewing widget JSON configuration
      3. Improving clarity and usage of extension points, apps, widgets for configuration
      4. Improve non-code configuration - leveraging the workings of the initializer module
Update on new community/volunteer mentoringTheresa Cullen & Daniel Kayiwa
  • posted to Talk
  • Burke learning to deploy on JetStream for the pmt.
  • two broken builds
Scrum of Scrum CrosswalkTheresa Cullen & Darius Jazayeri

Project Management Activities

  • Review activities next week
Design Forum: Update Technology Radar 

2017-09-11 Design Forum


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