2015-02-12 Leadership Call


How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.



Meeting Minute

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Michael Downey
Andy Kanter
Jan Flowers
Jamie Thomas
Paul Biondich
Burke Mamlin
Hamish Fraser
  • Create list of strategic topics - Paul
  • During camp last year identified that there would be value in involing this meeting to talk about strategic topics.
  • Would like to hear from this group about those burning topics
  • Potential topics:
  • DHIS Integration
  • Overall strategy for integration with OpenMRS - Hamish (eg. mHealth, Pentaho/DW/Research )
  • Content management strategy (how much OpenMRS and how much others) - Andy
  • Standards compliance (including information model or CDA/FHIR, etc.)
  • How to keep supporting/funding key functions (content development, etc.)
  • Action item: Paul and Hamish will dig into a couple of these topics to document, test and create process around vetting crosscutting strategic directions for OpenMRS on leadership communication forums. Then they will bring this process back to the leads in1-2 weeks.
  • Community Roles - Paul
  • Action item: Paul will send out  an etherpad for the leads to describe changes they would make to the community roles
  • Action Item: Leads will go through the hierarchy that will be moved from the community roles diagram on the wiki to give feedback 
  • Cross cutting strategy box - Jan
  • AOB
  • survey for feedback around #MOZ15 going out tomorrow
  • Next week - Michael will report back/AAR on #MOZ15
  • Ebola Update - Waterproof tablets have arrived and trying to go live in the next couple of days
  • demo in the next week or so