OpenMRS Privacy Policy

OpenMRS is an open source project organized under the auspices of a public benefit corporation. Our challenges and goals are large. For that reason, we have a very permissive (non) privacy policy that mirrors our public mission.

Please assume that everything you contribute intentionally to OpenMRS is public. This includes emails on public lists, wikis, online discussions of all sorts, and software or documentation that you post to this website.

Because we follow an academic model that expects mutual personal respect, disclosure of interests and openness of expression, even your OpenMRS profile is public information. There will be cases where you are invited to share private information for various purposes, and denote that information as such. In those cases, we commit to only disclosing that information without your permission upon receipt of a valid subpoena and following notice from OpenMRS to you.

Although what you disclose here is public, we are all limited by copyright and patent law in how we may use your contributions. Therefore, OpenMRS only accepts voluntary contributions of software and documentation that are expressly licensed to OpenMRS under an approved open source license. Refer to the OpenMRS Contribution Policy for additional details.

OpenMRS welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy. Send them to