Release Notes 1.5.1

Release date: Nov 27th 2009

This is the latest stable release of OpenMRS. We recommend all users upgrade to this version. The 1.5.1 database is compatible with v1.5.0, so rolling back your installation in the case of errors is trivial. Please note that 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 are not backwards compatible with 1.4, so you will not be able to roll back the database easily.


Bundled Modules

These modules are bundled with the 1.5.1 openmrs.war download. They will be started automatically and can be removed if they are not wanted.

What's Changed Since The 1.5.0 Release?

Bugs fixed since 1.5


Fixing bug with upgrade wizard when upgrading from a 1.3 database to 1.5 in Windows


Fixing annotations not getting processed at tomcat startup


Setting the UUIDs on the base data so that all implementations have the same UUIDs for the same data


Fixed adding of workflows to programs (dfuterman)


Setting ConceptSource voided to not nullable, setting hl7Code to nullable.


Changing the DrugOrderValidator to allow a null drug field.


Scheduler task config uuid fix



Fixed ability to add new concepts with non-database assigned ids


Fixed null pointer exception in FormatTag if encounterType in an encounter is null.



Turned off the regular expression identifier search global property by default


Backported fix for postHl7Form


Ability to add Custom HL7 Handlers in a module


Added nicer error message when deleting encounter types that are in use


Fix ConceptService.getConceptByMapping to check both the name and hl7Code of ConceptSource



Fixed a NPE in ConceptListItem when you have a database with incorrectly-set-up concept name taggings


Enable the delete program function to work on the dashboard, by giving the user a means to specify a reason.


fix for issue where SerializedObjectDAO loses supported types between restarts


Full support for modules with a dot in their module id


Fixed locale changes on annotation based jsp pages


Added faster alternative to the regex patient identifier search


Added javascript regex validation ability for addresses


Backporting Mandatory Module ability


Backported ability to upload an upgraded module


Fixed ReportObject UUIDs are not property populated for legacy data


Fixing use of UTF-8 characters on jsp pages

SQL Updates

Database creation and updating is done in the webapp at startup now.
These files are only needed if database creation or database updating needs to be done offline. Otherwise, just install the OpenMRS war (or api jar) and run through the updates automatically.