2010-04-15 Developers Conference Call


15 April 2010

In Attendance



Messaging Module project update

  • Demos will be viewable at http://connect.openmrs.org/
  • Several updates since last week.
  • Dieterich was able to send a test Twitter Direct Messages (DM's) and a test SMS message to Burke's phone today:

1.7 Release Manager

  • Sy Haas will be the release manager for 1.7. If you have a ticket in 1.7, he will be getting in touch with you on its status.
  • Wyclif & Judy will be "assistant release managers"

2.0 Redesign

  • Darius is still looking for help with the OpenMRS_2.0_User_Interface_Redesign. If you are interested in participating, let him know!
  • There are two sides to this effort:
    • The tools and frameworks to be used
    • The content and design of the UI
  • For now, Darius is focusing on the tools. He will soon engage the developers list and implementers list for feedback about content & design.