2010-07-29 Developers Conference Call


29 July 2010

In Attendance


  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • Lance Armstrong PHR project - Jeremy Leventhal & Hui Xiao (25 min)
  • Report on potential UI Frameworks - Darius (30 min)
  • JIRA Update
  • After-action review & next week's agenda (5 min)


Lance Armstrong PHR project

  • Jeremy introduced himself and the project. (The project doesn't have an official name yet.)
  • A small group at Regenstrief is working to create a personal health record (PHR) for people with colorectal cancer.
  • They are working to build this into OpenMRS rather than several other platforms. (smile)
  • Challenges:
    • How to grant access to patient users and their caregivers
    • How to allow patients to extend permission to their data to others
  • They're creating a new module or modules to accomplish their goals
    • Authorization module
    • Patient journal feature (how pt's are feeling, etc.)
    • Messaging tool: Allow different user roles to send messages to other users
  • Will add decision support functionality (~ 20 rules) based on summary stage, etc.
  • Creating a patient-facing portal driven by their module when patients log in
  • Burke: While we've had mobile-driven apps to interface to patients directly, this may be the first web-driven project to accomplish similar goals of patient data collection
  • Jeremy raised some questions about messaging:
    • Privacy & security of sending messages to patients to make sure sensitive data is not exposed to the wrong people. Is e-mail the best way to do this, and what should the content of such an email be?
    • Zeshan explained what his group is doing with the new Messaging Module and suggested it wouldn't be too hard to expand it to traditional e-mail.
  • They'll create several forms to collect patient history, etc., likely using HTML Form Entry. (Burke raised the possiblity of using a spreadsheet to pre-load data via HL7.) Will be using rules engine for guidelines.
  • They'll run a trial through patients at the VA hospital in Indianapolis. After the trial and analysis, they will consider expanding the product to other types of cancers and other locations.
  • Some of the ideas for this project have sprung from Anna McDaniel's work at the IU School of Informatics. They want to eventually integrate more patient education and knowledge to the system.
  • Burke discussed the current state of privileging in OpenMRS - Jeremy's team would like providers only to see their own patients, but OpenMRS doesn't really support this today. They'll make that possible through their module.

OpenMRS 2.0 UI Project

  • Darius gave an update on the evaluations for UI in 2.0. archive:here
  • Discussion on each approach
    • The StringTemplate proposed by Thoughtworks is the one from ANTLR
    • How does StringTemplate affect AJAX/DWR?
    • Darius does not think JSF is very fun (smile)

JIRA Update

  • Feedback on revised workflow
    • Implemented last week across projects
    • Same workflow but allows for more transitions and design review
    • Single workflow for all ticket types
  • How should we handle 'orphaned' module issue reports?
    • Michael's suggestion: Move them to the relevant JIRA project if the module owner requested one, or close them and refer them to that person/group.