2010-10-21 Leadership Conference Call


21 October 2010

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


Certification Process and Training (15 min)

Software License (10 min)

Mentoring Organization for Google Code-in (10 min)

  • A follow up to Paul's e-mail

Board of Director Updates (15 min)

  • Implementer nomination letters have been sent, and we are already receiving letters of acceptance

Nonprofit Updates (10 min) moved to next week's call

  • What's left to do
    • "A Checklist of Things to Be Done When Starting a Nonprofit Organization" - see attachment
  • Goal: submit everything by end of December 2010

Meeting Minutes

Certification Process and Training

  • Dawn researched various organizations and focused on the three below for references pertaining to training costs, certification standards, etc.
  • Thoughts
    • Provide discounts for those who are using the training or certification in line with the OpenMRS mission, vision, values
  • Conclusion
    • Dawn will accumulate salary information and the fees that organizations charge in order to make a price range that OpenMRS can use

Software License

  • A follow up to Chris Seebregt's e-mail
    • Chris and the Jembi team are working on a project with the Sports Science Institute of South Africa
    • The group discussed how the current OpenMRS software license impacts this project
    • Chris will follow up with legal expertise to ensure some algorithms are protected for the SSI organizat

Mentoring Organization for Google Code-in

  • OpenMRS will undoubtedly apply to be a mentoring organization for GCI
  • Contest is for high school students
  • Michael Downey will lead this for OpenMRS

Board of Director Updates

  • Nomination letters for the implementer position were sent
    • Dawn is tracking all the responses


  1. handler

    Group - GCI - in next leadership call or dev call make time to go over what GCI students can complete for OpenMRS

    Priority MEDIUM
    Oct 22, 2010
  2. handler

    Group - GCI - find out what students have completed in the past

    Priority MEDIUM
    Oct 22, 2010
  3. handler

    Dawn - BoD Updates - Send the voting form to leadership group for review

    Priority MEDIUM
    Oct 22, 2010