Pharmacy data in OpenMRS

What data are we discussing?

OpenMRS modules or external applications that integrate with OpenMRS for:

Reporting clinical use

Capture dispensing events: Drug type, quantity, and patient dispensed to

note: this is valuable mainly for point of care

Managing the stock cabinet

Routine stock inventories - monthly reports rather than patient level transactions

Higher level supply chain management

From commercial locations/central storage facilities, distribution to specific facilities

Pharmacy & Logistics applications

iDART (very ARV focused)



OpenLMIS (used by VillageReach, it's deployed in Mozambique)

PIH working on a warehouse/stock management system



Baobab has a dispensing module, part of their ART system

AMPATH has a custom access database for dispensing, trying to integrate that with OMRS ( 6/2012 update: AMPATH has created a module for their own use. See the June 27 2012 OpenMRS University presentation).

Sharing Experiences

Jembi team used iDART + OpenMRS. Send data via HL7 v2 message, used Mirth to send proscribed drugs from one application to the other. Used at district hospital in pretoria (still in research and development phase - not their primary system). Send proscriptions only, not orders or demographic queries.

Standards for coding drugs

RXNorm is a common standard. It is part of MVP's concept dictionary.