2013-05-02 Leadership Call


2 May 2013

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IRS Responses

Meeting Minute

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  • IRS Responses
  • Hamish spoke to the lawyer this week
  • Focus on patients in resource constrained enviroments - keep documenting this
  • Kristen Nelson from PIH wondering if we have an MOU  between PIH and OpenMRS plus IU and OpenMRS as well - something we might need to work on but should run by the lawyer
  • IU / AMPATH relationship summary - something documenting that (Jamie will ask Paul for this)
  • Copy to the lawyers in the next couple of days for feedback
  • Licensing
  • Burke, Darius and Michael are  working on documenting and working through lincensing
  • OSCON - July 22-26
  • We submitted for a booth and should be hearing something soon - will send out an email when we hear anything
  • Open Help Conference - Jun 15-19?