Adding an Agenda Item

Proposing an Agenda Item

There are some basic details needed about any agenda item.  When proposing an agenda item, please make sure that these questions are addressed:

Elements of an Agenda Item
  1. What? What's a short name for the topic that people will understand?
  2. Why? What specific outcomes/decisions are needed from the discussion.  The more detailed you can be, the better.  For example, when the discussion is over, what new answers should we have?
  3. When? Does this need to be scheduled for a specific date or within the next n weeks?
  4. Who?
    1. Leader: Who should lead the discussion – i.e., yourself or somebody else?
    2. Group: Who needs to be present for the discussion.
    3. Target: Who might be interested in joining the discussion?
  5. How long? How much time (in minutes) is needed for discussion?
  6. Resources? Links to any ticket(s) or wiki page(s) for the issue.

For example:

Subject: Request for dev meeting agenda item: Update on Additional Attributes on Concept Mapping project

What? Update on Additional Attributes on Concept Mapping project.

Why? We need to decide if the current design is on track and agree on the steps needed to complete this project.

When? Within the next 2 weeks.

Who? Wyclif can lead, Glen and/or Andy should be on the call. Any developers or implementers interested in mapping concepts.

How long? 30 minutes.

Resources? JIRA ticket TRUNK-412 and wiki page

If you aren't able to easily answer those questions, then the agenda item may need some more thought.  Alternatively, you can bring the agenda idea to the mailing list and ask for help in refining the idea to generate an agenda item.

How to Propose an Agenda Item for the Community Forum

Write to the developer mailing list with your proposed agenda item(s), along with answers to the above questions.