How to Download Using Rsync

See archive:Rsync@w for more details on how/why Rsync works.

On *nix systems

Command line

  • Install rsync
  • Type 'rsync' to see a list of possible paths to openmrs build downloads
  • Once you find the path you want, you can use `rsync --partial /home/username/openmrs.war` to update that openmrs.war file to the Feb 16th nightly build.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Install grsync
  • Run grsync
  • Fill in as the source
  • Click Simulate
  • Review the output to find the path to the file you want to use
  • Fill in as the source
  • Fill in /home/someuser/openmrs.war as the destination
  • Click Execute to patch your war file to the Feb 16th nightly build

On Windows Systems

Use DeltaCopy for rsync'ing

Or use cwRsync. Click the download cwRsync button and the installer will create a batch file that will show up in your start menu. Once you run it will launch a command prompt where you use the same commands as are listed above:

rsync --progress --partial openmrs.war

The trick to making sure that you get a nice speedup is making sure that you have an existing openmrs.war file in your current directory.