2015-02-26 Leadership Call

How To Join

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  • Local Community Update
  • Partnership: ThoughtWorks/Bahmni Project
  • 2014 Contributor Survey Results
  • Organizational Plan "go-live date"
  • AOB


Meeting Minute

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  • Jamie Thomas
  • Michael Downey
  • Jan Flowers
  • Bill Lober
  • Mike Seaton
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Paul Biondich
  • Apologies: Pascal Brandt, Andy Kanter, Chris Seebregts
  • Local Community Update - Michael (on behalf of Pascal)
  • Pascal has been working with Kenya and Mozambique communities to create a space for communication and collaborate more publically and effeciaently. 
  • Kenya has asked to have tagging on "Talk" to help organize things
  • Pascal traveling to Maputo for 2 weeks to speak with students from UEM (#MOZ15 venue host) for GSoC ambassadorship
  • Philippines and Nigeria are organizing to become communities as well
  • 2014 Contributor Survey Results - Michael
  • One take away is what is missing: training, testing and communication efforts (but we are rolling out some new strategies around this as a follow up from 2014Camp)
  • Paul - Forums to act on this data?
  • Michael - would scrub and summarize the feedback then publish these results publicly, then want to to map highlights for getting involved in the "organization plan" we have been working on
  • Paul - my big take aways are that leadership ideas for growing organization are in line with community feedback and we will not be able to please everyone though
  • Partnership: ThoughtWorks/Bahmni Project - Chris (via email)
  • Chris - Unfortunately we are experiencing rolling blackouts in South Africa at the moment and Cape Town has no power this evening and only Edge on the cellular network. So, I won’t be able to connect to the conference call. I had a call with Emerson and Shruthi from the Bhamni project regarding their partnership requirements. We started off with requirements in three defined areas that can be elaborated, in future.
  • Please could the Leadership Group let me have feedback on the points, below. I said I would get back to them tomorrow. 
  • Roadmap
  • There is a requirement to align the Bahmni roadmap more closely with the OpenMRS roadmap. Bahaman would benefit from better predictability and efficiencies in terms of leveraging community-driven development. OpenMRS would benefit by getting contributions of code developed as part of the Bhamni project. Is OpenMRS open to having such an arrangement formalised? If so, I will start to work on this.
  • Communications
  • Bhamni project would like to strengthen its communications within OpenMRS. Would it perhaps be possible to have a Talk channel dedicated to the Bhamni project? Does this make sense?
  • Memberships
  • Bhamni project would like to strengthen its membership of the OpenMRS community. Would it be an idea to consider a distro (=Bhamni)-specific community (similar to regional-specific communities like eSaude for Mozambique) with a community lead (like Pascal for eSaude) and possible participation in OpenMRS Community leadership program?
For next week
  • Organizational Plan "go-live date" - requested by Michael
  • Fundraising - requested by Darius