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Introducing: OpenMRS Platform 1.11

When OpenMRS reached 2.0, we decided to allow the platform – application programmer interface (API) and web services – to develop and grow separately from the web application.  As a result, we have named the API and web services "OpenMRS Platform" and will continue to call our web-based medical record system "OpenMRS".

  • OpenMRS – this continues to refer to our web-based medical record system.

  • OpenMRS Platform – going forward, this refers to the API and web services used under the hood.  When the OpenMRS application has sufficiently replaced the legacy user interface components, the user interface components will be removed from the platform and released as a separate module.

For the time being, we are in an awkward phase, where the legacy UI remains within the OpenMRS Platform and the new OpenMRS UI has not fully replaced the legacy UI. As a result, many implementations will continue to use the platform without the new web application and people will continue to be confused by the naming of "OpenMRS Platform". We are working hard to resolve this by OpenMRS 2.2 (or, worse case, OpenMRS 2.3), when implementations will be able to upgrade into the new application and the legacy UI can be retired from the platform.

This release is the "OpenMRS Platform 1.11" – it is the release version of the under-the-hood OpenMRS API that follows the OpenMRS 1.10.x line.

We hope also seeing this same platform in 2.2

Release date: Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Release Manager: Kaweesi Joseph.

What's new in OpenMRS Platform 1.11.0 ?

OpenMRS Platform 1.11.0 is shipped with 11 bug fixes, 1 new features among other issues mentioned already in both the Platform 1.11.0-Alpha and Platform 1.11.0-Beta release notes, 1.11.0 has improved all bugs reported in those two prior releases and added one new feature as you can see below:

In short for all those who had not tried out the beta or alpha releases and would upgrade from 1.9.x or 1.10.x, 

This release has in it a whole package of at-least 210 bug fixes, 76 new features, 24 tasks, 27 sub-tasks  and 53 Database changes plus 9 changes module developers wouldn't want to miss, please visit the 1.11.0-Alpha and 1.11.0-Beta Release notes to see all these contributions (smile)

Bug Fixes From 1.11.0-Beta:

key summary status resolution

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New Feature from 1.11.0-Beta:

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Bundled Module:

This module is bundled with OpenMRS 1.11.0. It will be started automatically and can be removed if desired.

Bundled Module


Rest Web Services




MVP Dictionary:

  • openmrs_concepts_1.10.0_20150123


Download OpenMRS 1.11.0


  • Unzip the downloaded OpenMRS Platform 1.11.0 zip file. (For linux users; this needs to be in an ext file system type, most partitions created with and having windows formats will not work since the installation needs to change file permissions which ubuntu allows for only ext file systems - TODO add reference)
  • Change directory into the openmrs-standalone-1.11.0 folder and then run the standalone using the java -jar openmrs-standalone.jar command.
  • The openmrs standalone window will show up and you can proceed from there.
  • The installation provide you three options but most the times you will use either the demonstration or fresh installation (comes with the above mentioned concept dictionary).


Consider using our upgrading guide. In summary for Standalone 1.9.x or any other upgrade to 1.11.0, follow this guide:

  • Back up your database to be on the safe side in-case something goes wrong, use either the Database Backup Module or refer to the MySQL Backup guide.
  • Stop all the Modules and logout of openmrs if possible.
  • Close the openmrs standalone window
  • Download the OpenMRS Platform 1.11.0 from sourceforge and replace the war file in your previous standalone located under tomcat/webapps folder (also delete the openmrs-standalone folder) with the newly downloaded war file.
  • Now re-run the standalone again, you will go through the database upgrade process (maintenance mode) by signing in as an administrator when prompted.
  • We have tested upgrading from 1.9.7, 1.9.8, 1.10.0 and 1.10.1 to 1.11.0 and all those upgrades were successful. So have no worries


That should be enough to get you to this powerful OpenMRS Platform 1.11.0. Enjoy (smile) .


From 1.11.0-Beta

A huge thanks to all our wonderful contributors, the soldevelo team, Kristopher SchmidtTharunya PatiJakub KondratJakub BuczyńskiPaweł MuchowskiPriya SamuelVinay Venu and Daniel Kayiwa.

All Contributors:

Thanks to you all that have made 1.11.0 a success, a total of at-least 130 committed wonderful people are those whom we have worked with to get 1.11.0 out and released to the whole community, Here are they by their names:

Ak, Akash Agrawall,  akub Kondrat,  Alec PawlingAlberto Saavedra, andreapat, Andrew Szell, aniketha, anotherdave, Areo, Arkadiusz Kolodziejski, atmohsin, Ben WolfeBhashitha Wijewardhane, blobbered, Burke Mamlin, Carlos Augusto de, Oliveira, chalakanth, channab, Chelsea H. Komlo, citigodev1, Crazzykid, Damian Szafranek, damithakithmal, Daniel KayiwaDarius Jazayeri, David Churcher, David Elston, Dedunu Dhananjaya, devcritter,dkithmal, Dominic Lynch, Dominic Surrao, Zhaslan DoschanovFilip BiedrzyckiFilip Spiridonov, Fouad Zaryouh, Garima AhujaGaurav Paliwal, Gaurav Saini,  Geoffrey Wasilwageoff-wasilwa, gto11520, guilhermejccavalcanti, Gurpreet Luthra, h3llborn, Hannah MasseyHarsha Kumara, haychris, Isha Tripathi, Jakub BuczyńskiJakub Kondrat James ArbaughJanet Riley, Jasper Vandemalle, Jeffrey Kantor, Jeremy Keiper, Jesus Salazar, Kishore Kumar Yekkanti, Kaweesi Joseph, kohousim, Kristopher Schmidt, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, kushal8, lc-daderemi, Lech Rozanski, Lee Breisacher, Lisha Ruan, Lluis MartinezLukas Breitwieser, Lukasz Plotnicki, Nithya Gubbala, madawa-rc, Marek Szukalski, Mark Goodrich, Marv Cool, Marvin Yan, Matthew SsemakaddeMichael Downey, Michael Pigg, Michael Seaton, Mykola Vorobey, mylesbarros, Nils Eckelt, nribeka, Oliver Wilkie, Ozge Catalbas, Paweł Muchowski, Patrick Turley [pturley], Priya Chandran, Przemyslaw Gierszewski, Pulkit, pushkar, Radek Puzdrowski, Radoslaw Puzdrowski, Rafał Korytkowski, Rob, Robert Day, rohitmukherjee, Rowan Seymour, sachethgupta, Saptarshi PurkayasthaSara Fatima, sashrika, SharonVarghese, shruthidirepresents revisionpali, ShubhamRai, sitarama, suranga, SusanTan, tadeitto, tonybeing, Tharunya Pati , Ujjwal Arora, vaibhav-hp, Vatsal Singhal, vencik, Vinay VenuVinkesh BankaWesley Brown, Wolf Schlegel, Wyclif Luyima, Yekkanti Kishore Kumar.

Not forgetting all the people that contributed in countless other ways to support and be a great part of the shaping of this release: We are very sensitive not to hurt your emotions and in-case you are one of such please email us and we shall be able to mention you by name


End Of Life (EOL) announcement

OpenMRS 1.8 is no longer supported

As of described in /wiki/spaces/RES/pages/26287677, OpenMRS can only support up to three released versions at a time (the current release and then two versions back). Since OpenMRS Platform 1.11 is only the second release of the OpenMRS Platform (following OpenMRS 1.10), there are no earlier versions of the platform undergoing EOL.