2013-04-25 Leadership Call


25 April 2013

How To Join

Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  • OMRS 13 Update - Michael
  • OMRS Satelitte Meeting - IMIA/HELINA - Chris
  • IRS Responses - Paul
  • OMRS Lead Call Time - Jamie

Meeting Minute

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  • Jamie Thomas
  • Michael Downey
  • Andy Kanter
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Michael Seaton
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Paul Biondich


  • OMRS 13 Update - Michael
  • OMRS Satelitte Meeting - IMIA/HELINA - Chris
  • IRS Responses - Paul
  • OMRS Lead Call Time - Jamie


  • IRS Responses - Paul/Hamish
    • OpenMRS1 Limited wiki page - https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RES/OpenMRS1+Limited
    • Hamish will need to clarify some items with the lawyer but a lot of what we need to do is to document the activities we do in development, documentation of the system and teaching. They also want information on evaluation and evidence base. I am hoping that some of you can pitch in with a short piece on software development strategy, the public web resources etc. Hopefully a lot of this is documented at least in part on the web etc. We will also need to describe how OpenMRS interacts with IU and PIH, clearly somewhat of a work in progress. There may be restyrictions on how we can spend OpenMRS funds outside those two relationships.
    • IRS questions are to make sure that by setting up a nonprofit we are not creating a tax shelter - is this clearly about the good of the public
    • IRS respose due date is in May 8th (w/ possibility of extention) and Hamish will be putting this together.
    • For training should we just use what we have done up to this point? What we do now, what we want to do in the future and our intent.
    • Hamish would like help with getting responses from people who are invovled in specific areas of intrest
  • OMRS13 Update - Michael
    • Holding weekly calls with the Kenya team/local committee
    • This week: Obtaining hotel information, setting up hotel sharing & transportation sharing information
    • Next week: Sponsor packet and volunteer plan, involvement from UoN, Strathmore, iHub, mLabs, Ushahidi
    • May: Global & local sponsors, begin registration
    • June: Invitation letters from KeHIA, and registration, outreach to related projects & groups
    • July: Finalize scholarship & invited attendees registration and logistics
    • August: Meals, keynote talks, supplies, finalize onsite roles
    • September: Finalize hackathon, site visits/transportation, welcome packets, press releases
    • October: OMRS13!
    • Having a meeting with the HELINA group to discuss what having OMRS13 and HELINA meeting overlapping would look like
    • Webpage for OMRS13 - http://events.openmrs.org/
      • will direct people to this page as registration begins
    • Site visits?
    • Transport from Nairobi to Eldoret? 
      • People on the ground are reaching out to the airlines to make sure they can handle our capacity and look into discounts 
      • Looking into ground transport, which could take 6-7 hrs.
    • Michael will report back to this group once a month with OMRS13 updates
    • See https://groups.google.com/a/openmrs.org/d/topic/eventplanning/sZ6uSJvsBtU/discussion for the OMRS13 1-page summary
  • OMRS Satelitte Meeting - IMIA/HELINA - Chris
    • One brief update is that we are proceeding with discussions to explore the possibility of including a satellite IMIA/HELINA meeting in OpenMRS 2013 and hope to have a first conference call with the LOC (Patrick, Steve Wanyee and Tom Oluoch) next week. Michael D can elaborate further, if needed.
  • OMRS Lead Call Time - Jamie
    • Thurs 1-2pm EDT / 10-11am PDT / 7-8 pm SAST)
    • Maybe not?
  • Reference App
    • Now have a dev app mailing list - this can be open to anyone that wants to join
    • Thinking about sending updates to the dev list
    • Planning to have more design call topics around reference application topics
    • Don't want to loose cross chatter as we break our world/groups up - want one place for chatter for everyone
    • Should there be lists for projects and not just one list, the dev list.
    • We have committed now to the model of creating lists so that people do not feel buried by emails - i.e. dev reference app list and pm/ba reference app list
    • What about a digest list? - Michael will look into this.