2009-07-30 Developers Conference Call


30 July 2009

In Attendance

  • Harshini Gudiwada
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Brian McKown
  • Justin Miranda
  • Nareesa Mohammed
  • Zeshan Rajput
  • Win Ribeka
  • Mike Seaton
  • Ben Wolfe


  • 1.5 status
  • Synch
  • Conventions/issues for user context
  • Role-Based Home Page module


  • Ben working on getting 1.5 Release Candidate out as son as possible (maybe this afternoon)
  • Synch-a-thon planned for August 20-ish
  • Discussed issues with bugs in 1.5
  • Dealing with user context
    • User context getting "stale"? Lazy Initialization Errors occurring when using the long serialization
    • Darius suggested rolling back recent changes to user (#1588 patch) and deal with long serializer separately (perhaps by not following user.creator with objects or just one level)
  • Role-based Home Page module
    • Harshini requested some feedback on UI design and information about conventions. She will send a request to the dev list
    • Trunk currently has a hack to do some role-based redirection (#1587. This needs to be removed and replaced with a new extension point.