Lab data in OpenMRS

facilitated Bill

note taker & timer Isaac

What data are we discussing

Lab modules and integration of OMRS and lab applications

OMRS shares with Lab system

• patient IDs and demographics

• Lab orders

Lab system shares with EMR

• patient IDs and demographics

• Lab results

• Making EMR the master patient index greatly simplifies this exchange

• Making the EMR the authority on concepts may also be important, but is much more complicated to tackle.

Sharing Experiences

AMPATH's OMRS works with PCS tech, one way communication via HL7 (lab technicians enter results into PCS tech application, results are then sent to OMRS).

PIH Rwanda uses the simple lab module. You can enter an order, and enter lab results, and associate a result with a patient.

Bill works with OpenEllis

Bika lab software has also worked with OMRS

External Lab app versus OMRS lab module

One argument for external, more comprehensive lab management application is that labs have concerns that are not visible/important to clinicians and (perhaps) an EMR

• Reporting on performance of individual technicians

• quality control for tests

• etc.?

Some lab software has analyzer interfaces - results feed directly from lab equipment to Lab system.

OpenEllis, PCS tech both do this

Standards for representing data

There are many standards… perhaps too many

evinces is one standard developed by the california health care foundation

Short of agreeing on a standard, it would be helpful if we could even agree on what components any standard should include. The OMRS community has a lot of influence on health policy in Africa, and if we agree on the components that need to be exchanged, it could influence adoption of standards across the continent.

Other notes:

I-TECH is presenting a MedInfo paper on lab-EMR integration