2010-02-25 Developers Conference Call


25 February 2010

New Phone Number This Week

**We are trying a new phone conference service this week. *

  • Phone number:+1-712-432-0075*
  • Access code:*707531 #
  • You can also reach the phone conference directly via Skype. The service we are testing does this automatically.
  • Add the Skype user ID:*freeconferencing. It will automatically appear in your Skype contact list.
    • Start a Skype voice call to this user.
  • When instructed, use the numeric dial/keypad in Skype to enter the access code followed by the pound symbol:*707531 #
    • If you are participating via Skype, please use a headset/microphone, or at minimum earphones/headphones.
  • Should there be any unanticipated major problems with the new service, we will revert to using the old number for the rest of the meeting.

In Attendance



Review of last week's meeting minutes

  • Nothing to add or change.

Update of 1.6 release

  • Darius has heard no new issues, but doesn't have the status of Tammy's issues (which were mostly design changes).
  • Paul will be following up with Darius on some of Vibha's CHICA issues via e-mail.
    • Tammy came later on in the meeting and discussed some of their specific issues with Darius, Win, et al.
    • Win is actively working on ticket 1615 (Add/Edit a Concept Rule) for Tammy. She will look at it but is swamped with work.
    • CHICA compatibility is not a blocker to the 1.6 release, but it's important to know that the changes to logic module do not break CHICA before the 1.6 release.
    • Paul made an executive decision to commit to Adren syntax. (Burke wasn't here to object!)
    • Darius created Ticket 2210 to remove RuleClassLoader and LogicService.loadRule for Tammy. Sy will take care of the ticket and commit (warning) his changes.
  • Sy's changes to core modules has been approved but not committed (Ben is out with a new baby). Darius will commit them.
  • Ticket 2086 marked as blocker remaining on forcing users to change a password. Darius will look into it.
  • Some logic module issues are outstanding but are not blockers.
  • Otherwise, we are ready to move to RC1 next week.
  • Sites testing RC1 in production environments:
    • AMPATH is currently using Beta 1 plus some changes but could move to RC1 next week.
    • JEMBI is able to test RC1 in the lab, and Daniel should be able to deploy it in the field once available.
    • Any individuals/implementations who are able to test RC1 should contact Darius.
  • Best case scenario for final release could as early as 1.5 weeks from now (around 10 March) presuming no new bugs found. Darius will make the call but he is fine with giving RC1 at least a week.

OpenMRS messaging project update

  • Michael Downey will work with Zeshan to set up a URL to point people to the new project wiki page.
  • Zeshan gave a background and rationale for the project (code name OASYS).
  • An OASYS project page will be established on the wiki and the working use cases will be shared there.
  • Dieterich Lawson is a lead developer from FrontlineSMS:Medic, and will be the lead developer for this module.
  • A compatibility list is available from the SMSlib web site.
  • Anyone (users in field and module developers) with use cases not documented should let the project team know ASAP so they can try to include them in the design.
  • SMSlib currently supports two online SMS gateways but they are outbound-only.
  • JEMBI is very interested in SMS messaging functionality and working on an OpenMRS system for athletes and would like to communicate to them via SMS in some way.
  • Zeshan discussed OMHE microsyntax. Carl from JEMBI will look at it and see what part of OMHE would be useful to them, and get back to Zeshan.
  • Carl asked about OpenROSA and how this project relates to it. Zeshan said that larger, complex messages aren't practical over SMS. This project will exist purely on the server side, not phone/client side like OpenROSA.
  • Tammy Dugan discussed her group's "Pearl Girls" project. They will be giving phones to 30 teenage girls and periodically survey them for high risk behaviors, combining those results with GPS coordinates. They would probably be using a mobile web kind of solution at this point so it would be phone-independent. The survey would have a total of 150-200 total questions, but answers would determine the skip logic that would reduce that number.
  • Timeline: A working module should be available by March 15 that supports 2-way appointment reminders. (e.g., "Will you make your appointment? Y/N" with an appropriate response.)
  • Justin has written some messaging service code in core that sends e-mail. Darius suggests using this new module as something that would plug in to or replace this service code in core. The new module is planned to eventually support other short message forms beyond SMS (e.g., Twitter et al).
  • IU is hosting a development server for the project, and Dieterich has been getting it set up this week. Development will get started today.
  • The module still needs a name and some ideas were discussed. Paul wants to make sure the name of the module itself is representative of its functionality.
  • An update on the project is scheduled for next week's meeting.

Conference call logistics

  • Paul asked if we should reconsider the time for the meeting. We now have some people in the Western US, but also want to try to make it accessible to people in Africa.
  • Darius stated that due to another call before this one, and the need to respect people in Africa, he felt we should keep the call where it is.
  • The consensus was to keep the call at the same time for now.

Additional topics

  • Darius discussed some security topics, such as authentication and forcing users to change their password. A discussion should happen about where in the code these kind of security issues should be handled (core vs. webapp). He would also like to get feedback from Ben and Burke. Darius will set this topic for another meeting.
  • Any to-do's that come out of code reviews that need discussion the community should be discussed on the developer mailing list.

After-action review & next week's agenda

  • Everyone agreed the new conference service worked well. It will be used for future meetings.
  • Pascal will discuss with his colleagues and arrange a time for the JEMBI team to discuss their work and introduce themselves. They will put this down on the agenda for an upcoming meeting soon.