IU Bug Hunt 1.6.0


Greetings, IU community! Thank you for helping test the latest release of OpenMRS, the world's premier open-source electronic medical records system, used by millions of patients on six continents around the world. Born and raised right here at IUPUI, version 1.6 is ready for testing, and we need tech-savvy student volunteers to help us "break it" and find bugs. The contest will take place over the next couple weeks as the testing process is underway, moving toward a release candidate. The student who files the most (valid!) bug reports will win $50 from the pocket of project leader Paul Biondich.

Information about OpenMRS

For those of you new to the OpenMRS community, welcome! You are part of a global team working to use information technology to improve the lives of people in the most resource-constrained environments on the planet. Please browse through the information here on the OpenMRS site, particularly under the top Community and Contribute links. The project needs volunteers of all technical backgrounds - from tech writers, trainers, UI designers, graphic designers, testers, and developers. We also encourage you to join one of our active mailing lists to connect with developers and implementers around the world. If you're interested in learning more about contributing to the project, we encourage you to attend our free weeklong training workshop the week of February 8.

Guidance for testing

Please first read the announcement and release notes for the new release. Right now, at the alpha phase, we need to find as many bugs as possible and get them identified for the beta release, and then the release candidates. Also, please bookmark this page and check back for any new updates.

Testing resources

Note: Please remember this instance is, in fact, shared by everyone, so behave accordingly. Do not change the admin password. (Username: admin, Password: test)

Submitting a bug report

Please start by reading the wiki pages on reporting a bug and information on creating a ticket. Submit a ticket and mark it as version 1.6 if you find something on the list of things to test that doesn't work right, and also if you find any other error message or feature that doesn't seem to work as it should.


We'll be having weekly development meetings to discuss the progress of the 1.6 alpha (and beta). The meetings are held every Thursday morning in the HITS/HS building on campus, or you can call in. See the wiki page about the meetings for more information and weekly notes.

Where to go with questions

The best resource to discuss questions about possible bugs is the developer mailing list. If you don't feel your question is appropriate for the mailing list, you can contact Ben or Darius directly. If you're stuck or not sure where to turn, contact Michael Downey.