2013-01-24 Leadership Call


24 January 2012

How To Join

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In Attendance


  • Rwanda Update - Hamish
  • Partnership Engagement Document - Chris

Meeting Minute

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Hamish Fraser
Chris Seebregts
Michael Downey
Michael Seaton
Jamie Thomas
Paul Biondich
Burke Mamlin
Andy Kanter
Darius Jazayeri

Rwanda Update - Hamish (30 min)


  • Partnerships
    • Chris sent out a first draft document before the meeting about partnerships
    • outlines the process and how we dcommunicate with 
    • We had a contact through the email - marketing company with purchase space or room for an article in a magazine
    • Would like to follow up on opportunities like this and keep them on file
    • Develop a streamline process to follow up in a coordinated fashion and in a timely matter. as well as to direct them to the apporpriate people in the community
    • There should be more operational things that come up in the future with partnerships
    • Prescreening prior to hitting Chris?
    • Meetings go thorugh how to archive and record these interactions
  • Rwanda Update
    • Three main OMRS projects MVP, IMB, RHEA
    • How they work together and do not, to better deploy tools
    • Minsitry has been working on roll out plan for over 3 years now over 280 sites
    • Moving from iqchat to openmrs, focus on HIV
    • using for monthly reporting and sending to TRAC
    • looking to roll out to more sites for registration, will need more resources and training
    • SDMX output and link to the TRACnet system - have a working system
    • Gilbert has been putting together this OpenMRSpolice hospital in Kigali
    • patient registration running, ids, labs, decpensing and inventory in local pharmacy. have semi coded diagnosis list as well
    • worried about the sustainability because of the customization
    • working more sith standar forms which could be helpful
    • IMB site has been running for 6 years - Kenya & Rwanda for PIH
    • MESH initative - nurses are mentored by more senior clinicians
    • use sync stations
    • concept dictionary - the ministry has added concepts not part of the collaboration with IMB
    • Rwamagana district is using the concept dictionary at two site
    • Rwamagana has 4 registries - facility, client, provide, terminology services (RHEA project)
    • Do not have a way to sync lab data
    • would like to find a way for how these projects in Rwanda could collaborate on their efforts
    • ministry in the process of hiring registry coordinators - curating content and content distribution
    • thus terminology issues will be that persons area of intrest
    • Focus for Rwanda's future will be HIV, TB, and accute care
    • Worry that we may have issues with collaboration becasue in the past we could not get collaboration on the concept dictionary.
    • what would be the benefit with harmonizing the RHEA sites with the IMB? - lab information systems could help to track HIV
    • the more we can harmonize these projects the better things will be and work
    • RHEA is an initative that was started by Richard and Jembi. PEPFAR and others have invested in the initative and so Ricahrd is in charge of the budget.
    • For RHEA to succeed must have a value proposition of measureable impact.
    • Use cases need to show value in health, should not focus on technology.
    • Would like to see use cases that can provide deliverable measurable impact documented.
    • MoH supported OpenMRS sites could benefit from sync