2010-02-11 Developers Conference Call


11 February 2010

In Attendance


  • Temporary number for today: Dial +1 812 856 7060 code 118#
  • Status of 1.6 Beta, and remaining roadmap for 1.6 release (Darius):
    • New bugs
    • Status of 1.6 Beta migration in Kenya (Win, Burke)
    • Beta 2 timing?
    • RC1 timing?
  • Quick update from the training workshop for non-participants (Darius & Ben)
  • How to be a contributing member of the global OpenMRS development community (Paul, Burke, Ben, Darius)
  • OpenMRS access from Smart Mobile phones - review of data access / security issues (Vibha Anand, Sarah Wiehe)


  • Discussed readiness for 1.6 release.
    • There were a couple bugs found in Kenya by James Kariuki.
    • Testing for CHICA (by Sy) found that we need to make core modules such that they do not need to be required by other modules. archive:TRAC-2066@ticket
    • Expect 1.6 RC next week. Will e-mail implementers to find if another implementation will test prior to full release (targeted for Feb 26th)
  • Clarification of definition for "core" modules, meaning modules that are essentially part of core functionality. "Bundled" modules are modules that come with a particular distribution, but are not part of care.
  • Reviewed conventions for Release_Process
  • Update from workshop
  • We punted the "How to be a contributing member of the global OpenMRS development community" to the training week sessions
  • Accessing OpenMRS from Smart Mobile phones
    • Description of a project on collecting daily diaries of teen girls through mobile phones connecting to an OpenMRS instance
    • Teens will have a phone provided by the project. Survey will be daily questionnaire at the convenience of the teen, ideally giving a reminder if not filled. GPS coordinates are collected from the phone each 5 minutes.
    • We discussed options around security aspects of the project and made some suggestions in terms of securely gathering data through phones.

Any other Business

  • Paul wanted to suggest some dates for a road map summit. Proposed a Thursday-Friday in a month (e.g., March 11-12, 2010).
  • Talked about removing ConceptSet and how to maintain ordering archive:TRAC-1921@ticket
    • We could use a List
    • We could create another way to represent set members that contains weights or comparator.