2013-04-04 Leadership Call


4 April 2012

How To Join

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  • RoadMap
  • Reference Application

Meeting Minute

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Jamie Thomas
Paul Biondich
Burke Mamlin
Hamish Fraser
Michael Downey
Andy Kanter
Chris Seebregts
Chris Power
Michael Seaton
Darius Jazayeri
Renee Orser
Evan Waters


  • Road Map
    • All leaders are going to contribute to the road map process
    • Looking at needs from a community and technical standpoint - broader standpoint
    • Paul believes technical requirements need input from outside of the technical group and from more of the community
    • Monitoring - Hamish
      • Monitoring tools want to bring back some of the exsising components
      • Need clear defenitions from more than one project. looking at Rwanda and RHEA Project
      • Standard module that creates an overiew XML state of the system then message transmital and then displaying this - automated system 
      • Have an immediate need for an automated system for exsisting implementations
      • Hamish would like to have a core module developed does not need to be part of the the reference application
      • Would like to have data by June/July and by the end of year need semi-automated process
      • TODO: Hamish to share steps to outline automated system out on the wiki
    • Terminology - Andy
      • tools to facilitate collaboration and centeral distribution of the terms and concept dictionary
      • not utilizing all of the terminology that hold value to reporting
      • in relation to what Hamish talked about what data do we want to collect and how do we want it represented
      • community needs to be able to manage dictonary
      • Have partners that want to onboard and will be bringing resources so we may need to realign priorities
      • Partnership
      • 11 countries in south asia that would like to align hospitals against the reference application
  • Reference Application
    • Update on our progress on Mirebalais
    • Mirebalais Hospital in Haiti, EMR went live on Day 1. This is a culmination of a project that our team in Boston, the ThoughtWorks group in Porto Alegre, and other OpenMRS developers have been working on hard over the past nine months, and it has been really exciting to see it all come together these past few weeks.
    • Getting real time data - like to see drug despensing recorded in real time
    • There is an appetite for features as well
    • Outline PIH short and longer-term goals with respect to the Reference EMR
    • Getting Mirebalais onto the reference application
    • Expanding to other sites in Haiti
    • have had one offs in the past and would like to see running the same up to date version of OMRS, continous delivery process, start unlocking new functionality
    • Expanding to our Africa sitest
    • want to be able to take what we have learned and developed in Mirebalais and be able to reuse it in other settings
    • what are the things that these settings are already doing, what needs to change, how do we align to support
    • Paul suggests that if PIH team sees needs then they could bring this to the OMRS community process for production
    • Work plan: transition from our "Mirebalais" team to a "Reference EMR" team, with a separate PIH Deployment team
    • Need to collaborate more closely with OpenMRS on this
    • PIH team has been taking about how working/collaborating would work/look
    • Discuss challenges we see
    • Lack of consistent BA on reference application
    • Mirebalais we set out some specific goals and some BA, did hangout and standups everyday. Would like to take that and expand it.
    • Focused team with a certain number of people
    • Balancing hitting our implementation goals with making meaningful contributions to the reference EMR
    • What specifically needs to change to bring predicatbility in engineering support?
    • There must be a distinction between the core OMRS developers and those doing implementation.
    • Reference applicaiton must be implemented into Mirebalais
    • OMRS will be releasing a new product "OMRS hospital" with different stakeholders with a different approach and roadmap
    • Paul feels that Burke will need to be involved in the distribution activities to aid in feedback into the core
    • Like to empower Darius to build the team he envisions for the reference application
    • Want to get Mirebalais on reference application track will need specific answers from people to know if they want to be involved and what their goals are for the next year