Release Notes 1.4.3

  • Release date: June 12th 2009
  • Be sure to run the update-to-latest.sql file on your database
  • If updating from a version less than or equal to 1.4.1, It is recommended that you re-run the "Update Concept Words". See link on the Administration screen.
  • FormEntry Module 3.6.3 is included in the openmrs war file
  • Download OpenMRS 1.4.3

Bug fixes included in this release


View all Obs for a patient throws an exception


Merge patients is broken


Saving a composition search in the cohort builder works incorrectly in some cases


Concept Stats for Numeric Concepts is broken


Out of Memory error when Updating all Concept Words


NPE in concept name description method


Cannot retire form


Mongolian cyrillic characters don't entirely work

#1538 needs to be re-encoded into UTF-8


UTF-8 not supported in module string files


Fix default view resolver to work with Spring 2.5's convention-over-configuration


Scheduler throws exception ('Timer already canceled') when trying to restart a failed task.


Short name concepts should also show preferred name on a concept name search


Core modules shipped with openmrs are not started at startup

More detailed information can be found by looking at the tickets closed for all releases in the 1.4 line.
Also see Release Notes-1.4.2, Release Notes-1.4.1, Release Notes-1.4.0 for other changes in the OpenMRS 1.4 line.

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