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OpenMRS Developers Forum 2015-01-08
  • Michael Downey
  • aniketha __
  • Bharat Akkinepalli
  • bhavana __
  • Mujir __
  • Sandeep Raparthi
  • sharaon Varghese
  • Tharunya __
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Ada Yeung
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Sara Armson
  • Cosmin Ioan
  • Mike Seaton
  • akankshagupta
  • Chris Murphy
  • Ryan Yates
  •   Vivek Singh
  • David DeSimone
  • Sri Maurya Kummamuru
  • Emerson _
  • Ravinder _
  • Karl Wurst
Agenda & Notes
  • Review last meeting's TODOs
  • Run through strategy for each OpenMRS 2.2 distributed module on design forum soon (Jamie Thomas) 
  • Invite Bahmni team to present their OpenERP integration as a form of billing support OOB for OpenMRS RA (Jamie Thomas)
  • Invite PIH to present "2.0-ified" appointment module for potential RA integration
  • OpenMRS 2.2 Release planning, identifying release manager
  • Release process for 2.x involves lots of modules and some additional steps that may not yet be well documented.
  • TODO: Put out a call for volunteer
  • Sprint updates
  • Registration Sprint is nearly ready
  • Need to plan kick off mtg timing and then announce to dev list (hopefully at least 24+ hours before kickoff)
  • TODO: get Wyclif in touch with David & Audrey to coordinate kickoff time.
  • Appointment Schedule Demo w/ PIH (Dave)
  • Took the scheduling module built by a team in Israel for OpenMRS 1.9.x and added REST component and 2.x UI framework UI for it.
  • Mostly Angular (client-side code) interacting with REST API backend
  • "Appointment Scheduling" app on main screen
  • Manage Service Types (aka appointment types)
  • Define various types of appointments – e.g., outpatient, chemopatient, nephrology, etc.
  • Name, duration (in minutes), confidential (yes/no), and description
  • Patient names hidden on confidential appointments
  • Manage Provider Schedule
  • Manage Appointments
  • Create appointment blocks of appointments
  • Location, Provider, Services, time range
  • Daily Appointments
  • Show appointments for a given day and location
  • Patient names & identifiers are hidden if service type is confidential
  • Appointment Requests
  • From patient dashboard, can request appointment
  • Give type, provider (optional), and approximate time
  • Appointment Request is created
  • Statuses include Scheduled, Checked in, Missed, Cancelled
  • Adds "Appointments" tab to patient dashboard to see upcoming appointments
  • Questions
  • What are "services" drawn from (e.g., for appointment block)?
  • They are appointment types.  Renamed in UI to service types.
  • Notes on appointment are for patient or for provider?
  • The idea is that they would go an appointment card, but this is not implemented
  • Can slots be repeating?
  • For now, need to be created manually.
  • Can you overbook?
  • Yes. If you have appropriate privilege.
  • Can appointments be rescheduled?
  • Not yet implemented
  • Would like to be able to reschedule in bulk (e.g., provider sick and all appointments need to be moved)
  • Can the appointment be made ust with facility and not a specific provider?
  • Yes. Provider is optional for an appointment block.
  • What calendar library was used?
  • Is this based on REST API really?
  • Yes. We added the REST API in the appointmentscheduling module and the UI is in the appointmentschedulingui module
  • Is there any documentation for this module?
  • Is this written in Angular?
  • Yes. (But it's not a full Angular app with routes, etc, but AngularJS embedded in 5 different UI Framework pages
  • Where is the code
  • What would it take to integrate this into KenyaEMR?
  • Probably would take some skinning work (e.g., to include the right header)
  • How easy is it to use as a plain angularjs app?
  • It depends on UI Framework.
  • Has anyone tried loading into OpenMRS Reference App?
  • Not yet, should be pretty functional.
  • Check in won't work
  • Having the appointment getting marked as "Checked in" won't work out of the box
  • Seeing list of scheduled appointments on the scheduled dashboard may have issues
  • After Action Review
  • What did we expect to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • What can we do better?
  • Preview next week
  • Process for keeping track of components, libraries, dependencies
  • #MOZ15 OpenMRS-DHIS2 hackathon pre-planning (Pascal Brandt & Burke Mamlin)



  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download (available after the meeting)