HTML Form Entry Session Notes

Facilitators: Mark Goodrich, Darius

Attendees: Jeremy Keiper, Dave Thomas, Burke Mamlin, Ellen, Nicholas, Boniface Wabuti,  Jack (I-Tech),  Ali, Carl, Ada Yeung, Wisdom Atiwoto


  • What’s up with WYSIWYG Editor?
    • A student wrote this editor two or three years ago and it worked.  It hasn’t been maintained since then.
  • How to train someone from scratch?
    • Without dynamic on the form, have users to learn HTML.
  • Intro of HTML Form Entry
    • Mark did a HTML Form Entry demo
  • New feature?
    • Option to make the form to use the concept mapping.
  • HTML Form Entry Reference on Wiki
  • HTML forms as reusable widget; flowsheets
  • Add more richness
    • use of CSS, javascript, or jquery  (HTML Form Entry Javascript page)
  • Migrating from infopath
    • converter module will do 90% of the work with 10% of manual work.
  • Sharing HTML forms
    • metadata sharing module is available
  • Validations
  • How to get better integration?
  • Cross-encounter validation
  • Multiple pages form
  • Ownership & issue voting
    • WYSIWYG Editor (3 votes)
    • Drug orders (2 votes)
    • Program/workflow/state (1 vote)
    • Include HTML form Entry tab in UI (tab) (1 vote)
    • Pre and post process (2 votes)
    • Name spaces (1 vote)
    • Easier jquery (1 vote)
    • Obs: pick the question (1 vote)

Other discussions:

How to randomize the questions?  i.e. users will not pick the same answers in a row.