2007-01-25 Developers Conference Call

'OpenMRS Meeting Minutes'


In attendance:
Paul Biondich, Ben Wolfe, Ada Yeung, Hamish Fraser, Darius Jazayeri, Burke Mamlin, Chris Seebregts, Justin Miranda

Others present:
Doreen Harley

Documentation Discussion:

Justin recommended putting together a user guide for people that will be deploying OpenMRS and offered to put together and outline to begin the process. He also suggested a framework on how to write the documentation. All were in agreement.

February 8 visit:

All are in agreement that Thursday, February 8 is the date for an Indianapolis visit. Plans are now in the works.


Neil in Rwanda has written a lab system. The idea is that from his lab system, we will put put lab results in OpenMRS via HL7 messages. The problem is human error. If we are going to do this, we will need a way for him to make corrections.

Burke checked with the HL7 expert at Regenstrief and found that when an ORU/OR1 comes to report a lab and then if you want to correct a lab you send another ORU/OR1 with a flag in both OBRs and OBXs to say this is a change and the correct HL7 way to do it is to have the filler order number but we do not have that in our data models. Even here at Regenstrief, they look at the other characteristics and other values and so on to determine if it is corrected or not. Essentially, you are sending the same message with a flag saying this is a corrected value.

Implementers Meetings:

Chris Seebregts joined the call to discuss two implementers meetings this year. One for the first week of April and one in October. He stressed the importance of the meeting in April. Chris will find out through IDRC within the next few days about funding for the April meeting and would like to get as many implementers and key people there as possible. Ben, Burke and Paul all committed to being available for the April meeting. Hamish and Darius are committed. Location of the meeting is to be determined.

Licensing issues:

Hamish spoke with their attorney this past Tuesday. The attorney wants to go over the medical liability portion to fully understand that piece of the licensing. Paul, Burke and Hamish agreed that it is time for Regenstrief council and PIH council to be in contact with each other.