2006-12-07 Developers Conference Call

<html><head><title></title></head><body>h2. Questions Raised by Christian this week

  • InfoPath could be expensive for them to rollout all over the country. Is there an update on a replacement? Has work been done towards it?

    We have developers looking into this. Paul could give us an update, but he's vacationing in Austria this week...poor guy.

  • Do we have a single-file install? I am already training him on how to install OpenMRS from scratch, but if they are rolling out to every last health center in Rwanda, it will certainly be faster and easier if the install process is easier. Is there an update on this project?

    Dirk submitted an initial pass at this using the IzPack installer. See /metadata/install/ within alpha branch.

  • Can different OpenMRS systems communicate and synchronize? They want to connect all the systems in Rwanda so that information can be passed from place to place.

    PIH can answer this best.

  • Is there a way to specify hierarchy of sites or projects? They want to clinicians at a health center to see all info for that health center. They want officials at the district and country level to have access to patients within their districts (several hospitals and health centers). There are also many organizations here in charge of one or many health centers or hospitals. Can their projects be clustered to look at data across their own sites, even if the institutions are in different areas? A long time ago we discussed the idea of a project hierarchy. Perhaps it’s time to revisit this?

    Agreed. Let's discuss.

  • PIH — cohort builder (Darius), patient outcomes and synchronization (Christian)
  • RG — logic module, remote disconnected data entry, module system
  • Tentative plan for PIH-RG meeting in early-mid January