2006-07-06 Developers Conference Call

  1. Define explicit steps (trac tickets) if any needed to move forward with FieldGen
  2. Discuss portlets
    • Naming scheme (file/folder naming)
      • module->portlet->fieldgen/widget wins
    • One controller per portlet?
      • PatientPortletController, ConceptPortletController, ObsPortletController
    • How to define the pages that are "dynamic" (homepage, patientDashboard, cohortDashboard)
      • either property or via current method
    • openmrs:porlet taglib?
      • url
      • name
      • id
      • postURL
      • parameters

To Do

Ben to work on portlets

Darius to mock up patientSummary and necessary portlets

Mike to start working on fieldGen/widget integration