2006-06-29 Developers Conference Call

<html><head><title></title></head><body>* patient_identifier.location_id is currently required. Should it be?

    • PIH identifiers are cross-site. One option is to make patient_identifier.location_id be nullable. Another is to interpret that as the assigning location. A third would be to count on locations being heirarchical.
    • RG would prefer to keep this field required and either:
      1. Use the assigning location
      2. Define locations broad enough to encompass the use of the identifier
  • Within a "program", a patient should be able to have multiple parallel "statuses".
    • Redefine patient status machine:
      • program — defines a high level program, e.g., MDR-TB treatment program
      • program_workflow — define a single state machine belonging to a program
      • program_workflow_state — defines possible states for a workflow
      • program_workflow_transition — defines possible transitions within a workflow
      • patient_program — enrolls a patient into a program
      • patient_status — assigns a patient to a status within a given workflow
  • RG will go through items discussed last week, turn them into tickets, and start organizing those tickets into timelines (1.1 for August 15th deadline, 1.2 for beyond)