2009-02-26 Developers Conference Call


26 February 2009

In Attendance

  • Justin Miranda
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Paul Biondich
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Mike Seaton
  • Brian McKown
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Sam Mbugua
  • Dave Thomas
  • Saptarshi Purkayastha


  • Program Location - We've received multiple requests for adding location to programs. I (Justin) probably won't be able to attend the call because of limitations (mic and internet not working well) so Darius will probably present our case.
  • Terminology mapping: http://forum.openmrs.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=326
  • Process for gathering requirements for large scale implementations efforts ala Rwanda


  • Adding location_id to the program_workflow table.
    • Overall reason: Mike: need to answer these questions: "Who was enrolled in a program in a given month in a given location"
    • Justin: need to keep track of which clinic/health center a patient did the program in. So that the history of where things occurred is kept. This is an alternative to just using the health_center person attribute
    • Darius: This will allow a patient to be in the same program in two different programs
    • Mike: similar to "longitudinal data" discussion.
    • Paul: need a better way to track longitudinal data. currently program is the only way, but we need a better way
    • Ben: can't be a required column because some people might want to store programs across all locations
    • Mike: Attaching location_id to program_workflow_state ? seems a little hackier
    • Paul/Mike: basic underpinnings of programs needs to be looked at again
  • *TODO: (Ben) add to roadmap of re-doing programs and workflows to store data better.
  • *TODO: Darius+Mike to investigate whether we just 1) add program_workflow.location_id or need to 2) add a new program_workflow_state_location_map table. Results of investigation will be posted to the dev list for more discussion. Background should be given in the email for those not on this call.
  • Terminology mapping:
    • Andy Kanter proposed a new spec for changes he would like to see here: http://forum.openmrs.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=326
    • Paul: We need to address how we can help non "core" developers suggesting data model changes. We left the suggestion out there unattended for too long.
    • Paul: This needs to be data modeled correctly in the core for the long term
    • Hamish: agreed and we need to work it out for Rwanda soon. Exporting/importing codes is needed as well
    • Paul: We don't want to hack it in, we need community help (Andy's domain knowledge)
  • *TODO: (Ben) need to add concept_map changes to the roadmap
  • *TODO: Hamish to find out what exactly is needed. Simple? complex? What have they done so far? 4pm call with Kanter today.
  • Process for gathering requirements
    • Some requirements are core functionality and some are customizations for the implementation.
  • *TODO: Hamish to send requirements around
    • Brian: need some sort interoperability discussions with external systems (relating to Brian's recent work on Pharmacy system querying/posting data to openmrs)
    • Paul: Rwanda will need this and need some EMR interoperability
  • Brian's update about LIMS integration
    • AMPATH is installing a LIMS system to get results from lab machines directly into openmrs
    • Has written a processor to read hl7 messages from a folder and import into hl7 in queue
    • March 1st deadline for getting everything running is going to happen
    • PCS is using LOINC codes ?
  • Brian brings up an idea of storing quantity for drugs ordered
    • We current don't store this information in obs
    • Brian: Perhaps just store an obs_group with one obs for DRUG, one obs for DRUG_QUANTITY
    • Brian: Do we need to keep track of who dispensed?
    • Paul: Not in a clinical repository
    • Darius: It is relevant to the pharmacy system, may or may not be reported via openmrs
  • Brian brings up the REST module
    • Do we need to create a PCS LAB SYSTEM user ?
    • Ben: Tie user's in pcs to user's in openmrs and the user authenticates to that?
    • Brian: Yes
    • Darius: Lead Lab Tech needs to be able to set/change the username/password for the PCS LAB SYSTEM user