2011-02-24 Developer Meeting

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real-time collaborative notes

1.8 Update - Wyclif (1 hr)

  • Tickets are mostly done
  • Waiting on feedback from HaPIHmish, AMPATH,
  • We have about one more week for testing (according to schedule)
  • Jeremy: AMPATH has one more week before they can test
  • TODO: Ben says TRUNK-2016 needs to be investigated. Ben fixed part of it but James reporting slow to find patients in search boxes. The general consensus was that this can be deferred to 1.8.1 (Darius has created a JIRA project version for this).
  • Wyclif feels there are too many duplicate bug reports (i.e., reports for things already fixed). Many times these have been fixed in the nightly builds but aren't visible in the beta.
    • TODO: Michael to write up publicize list of apps using server resources
    • TODO: Michael write dev list about why or why not nightly.openmrs.org is feasible and why
      • Michael: Separate from hardware constraints, having people test against an installation we control is not a sustainable/correct QA strategy for the project. We need to make it easier for people to download and test nightly releases.
  • RC1 target date - 10 March (question)
  • Darius: Is our release process dependency on end-user testing unrealistic/unsustainable?
  • Roger: Can our user community abosorb our speed of development?
  • Darius: Many implementations have too many modules to make testing an easy process
  • Jeremy: We need more participation in the testing environment. "If you want real world testing, you have to wait for the real world to have time to do it."
  • Questions raised generally by the group:
    • Can the core group take ownership of new feature functional/usability testing?
    • Who can do testing of modules against new releases?
    • Should implementations be just responsible for testing against their own data?
  • Roger: Can we get new implementers into a kind of testing group in exchange for additional assistance?
  • Darius: If someone is a reference implementation, they should commit to doing beta testing.
    • Michael: Are these references implementations too big, or too complex to be useful?
  • TODO: We should "consider the possibility" of helping AMPATH with their testing (Darius Dawn). Discuss during next week's leadership team meeting.
  • TODO: Wyclif to follow-up with James to ensure real users have tested 1.8 at HAS Haiti. If so, then we are ready for RC1.

Web Services (45 min)

Summer of Code (5 min)

  • http://go.openmrs.org/soc2011
  • We will be applying at the end of the month (next week)
  • Mentors still needed/wanted
  • Project ideas needed
  • TODO: By next week: Mentors will contact any of their high-quality students about participating as mentors this year. People will also bring summary lists of potential projects.