2010-09-23 Developers Conference Call


23 September 2010

In Attendance



  •  1.7 Release Update (actual duration: 30 min)
    • AMPATH is delayed starting testing (in terms of resources) and will not be able to start testing until next week
    • Burke: We need at least 2 or 3 days of testing, form entry, etc., to make sure there are no hidden issues. These kind of delays are a side effect of having only 2 or 3 implementations willing/able to do release testing. Hopefully that will change over the next year or two.
    • We need more QA volunteers overall!
    • Ben: Sy's last day is Wednesday. If 1.7 is not fully tested/released by that time, we need to have an interim release manager named.
    • Burke has some confidence that testing could be done by the end of day Wednesday, Kenya time, which could mean that 1.7 is released by the end of day Wednesday, Indianapolis time.
    • There are a few outstanding tickets that people are wrapping up which should be closed very soon, before next week.
  • 1.8 Release Update (actual duration:  105 min)
    • There are 87 issues marked for 1.8, much more than the "top ten" that were originally planned.
    • Wyclif walked through the various tickets - see the 1.8 Dashboard for details
    • Discussion about TRUNK-298 ... is this in scope? Has performance actually improved? (Seems like it may not, yet.)
    • Paul: What is the general approach to improving performance in 1.8?
    • We need to get the performance test scripts into CI. Darius will open a ticket (see TODO's).
    • Darius: Can Sy finish TRUNK-1652 before he leaves? Once one is done, converting the other widgets is much easier.
    • Ben will temporarily take up TRUNK-28 in Sy's absence and he will re-assign it to someone else. 
    • In the next week, Wyclif needs to come up with the finite list of what we work on within 1.8.
    • Paul: List in the relevant tickets, the benchmark test times for each major performance improvement area. Detail in those tickets should be different approaches to improve the performance, and the test times for those approaches should also be listed in the tickets.
    • We need to focus on quantitative performance measurements for 1.8.
    • Meeting Friday or Monday to refine "Top Ten" list.
  • 1.9 Release Update
    • Deferred to a later date
  • New roles for community volunteers
    • Deferred to next week


  1. handler

    Create a definite list of what we work on and focus in 1.8 release

    Priority HIGH
    Sept 24, 2010
  2. handler

    Demo data set page

    Priority MEDIUM
    Sept 24, 2010
  3. handler

    Schedule a meeting for performance powwow

    Priority MEDIUM
    Sept 24, 2010
  4. handler

    Create a ticket to get the large data set into continuous integration

    Priority HIGH
    Sept 24, 2010
  5. handler

    AMPATH to test 1.7 release

    Priority HIGH
    Sept 24, 2010