2011-01-06 Leadership Conference Call


6 January 2011

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance


2011 Leadership Meeting (20min)

  • Annual meeting for the leadership group to meet and discuss direction of OpenMRS

Non-profit Updates

  • Address remaining questions about organizational structure

Meeting Minutes

Real time minutes: http://notes.openmrs.org/leadership-conf-call-20110106

Not-for-profit setup:
RG to transfer money to PIH so that not-for-profit setup attorney fees can be paid
Dawn is worried about late fees. Some woman is going to wave those for us.

Board of directors update
Joaquin is on board. (Yay)
Paul to reach out to _____ and _____ to see if they're interested. Paul to do it by Mon/Tues of next week
(snipped for security)
Chris wanted someone with experience on openmrs on the board.
Paul thinks that _____ and _____ might satisfy that.
Ben thinks Joaquin might satisfy that.
Darius thinks that Chris thinks that Joaquin does not solve it. (lots of thinking going on)
(More from Chris' email) ...
Roles on the board. Chairman?
They elect him/her themselves, they elect treasurer as well.
Do we need to make sure an accountant/etc is on it? No...
The board can approve or disapprove of operating . They have control over the resources of the not-for-profit.
The board cannot hire/fire employees, but can fire the CEO/President.
The board cannot change the mission/vision/values.
How do we interact with the board?
Burke wants us to find another possible African if option one does not say "yes". He is worried about someone saying "you're doing a lot of work in Africa but there is no African on the board.

Face-to-face meeting timing
1st to the 5th of March is possible for Hamish
Boston is the likely place to do it
Burke has wards 2nd half of Feb, will be done by March 1st.
Andy has to be in Chicago by the 7th, so works for him

Done. (Wow!)

3rd/4th of March in Boston
TODO: Paul to come up with topics for the meeting
TODO: Someone to create a wiki page for this meeting - http://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/2011-03-04+Boston+Leadership+Meeting\