2010-12-30 Developers Conference Call


30 December 2010

In Attendance


  • Announcement of Joaquin Blaya's win of the election - blog post
  • Changing the name of the Concept Proposal Module


See also: http://notes.openmrs.org/BpF1mSjWCy

  • Ben tried to bribe Glen to change the name of the Concept Proposal Module
    • Glen had the upper hand because he'd do it for free.
    • Ben's proposal: Suggest-A-Metadata (SAM)
    • Concept proposals would be fine if we didn't already have them - Concept workflow might be better
    • Has there ever been any thought to establish a workflow engine? Ben: No. There might have been thoughts but he wasn't privy to them 
  • Joaquin was named to the board - currently the only named member
  • Google Code-In: OpenMRS was not selected, sounds as though there have been some challenges this first year, perhaps for the best.
  • Darius had said he didn't want 1.7.1 to wait a month, so Ben released it after 3.5 weeks.





  • Backchannel IRC transcript
  • Audio recording of the call: Listen online or download - available after the meeting